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    Discord Ban Appeal

    Also free my boy Bucky
  2. ^ I got told by a member of management that was my ban reason
  3. Discord ID: Dodger#4372 Reason for ban: General Toxicity Why I should be unbanned: I should be unbanned due to the reason of the banning was me replying to clover say "-1 didnt read it", I'm not sure that should of been a ban in the first place, but if I did hurt clovers feelings I'm sorry.
  4. do you know what he even did?
  5. +1 i hate you playing overwatch but your so cute
  6. "I swear this sacred oath that I shall render unconditional obedience to Emperor Palpatine, to exercise every power in service to the Galactic Empire, and shall, whensoever I am asked, be prepared, as a loyal servant, to surrender my life for this oath."

  7. Sounds a good plan!! cant wait to see what they can offer #blueberries4life
  8. Thanks for the awesome help!!
  9. Thanks for the tip dude!
  10. Thanks for the help cutie
  11. hi im new to rp and i need some tips n tricks please leave some suggestions below and ill be happy to do so
  12. remove the darkrp area on the forums since the server is no longer with us
  13. +1 good idea the level system is just a weird flex
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