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  1. You are still able to join the investigation. Five Intelligence operatives have located further information. An unknown scouting party has been sent to survey Imperial Titan Base on Ryloth. An unknown scouting party is currently active on the planet Myrkr attempting to seize an unknown asset. An unknown task force was sent to the planet Altarrn a few weeks ago and have not reported back. [ Whistler ]
  2. Three Operatives have discovered a hidden frequency. [ Open Frequency ] With this frequency, they've gained access to monitoring these comms. Please visit the Whistler for the monitoring equipment. Intelligence Archive Droid AP-6 will assist you. [ Whistler ]
  3. It seems that three operatives have managed crack through the encryption. The archive is now open for all. [ Access Archives ]
  4. ________________________ Your Access has been Granted ________________________ Mission Briefing, Operation: Entrypoint All intelligence listeners in the sector, this is LT-842 with a priority message from the IIO. Admiral Touler has requested the Imperial Information Office to provide necessary resources in order to launch a formal investigation towards an irregular transmission that attempted to break through his fleet's blockade. The transmission was bounced across multiple locations and analysts from both the ISB and Imperial Intelligence are
  5. LT-842 here again. You've managed to decrypt the access code, I'm impressed, you really are a group of skilled cryptologists. You will be commended, don't be mistaken, but only the most efficient will be rewarded. If you're already reading this, I suggest make haste and confirm your position by responding down below. Only the first three will be qualified in receiving aforementioned rewards. And please provide the access code that you discovered for the record. Formalities aside, we've looked through the decrypted database. Security is tough and we're met with additional encryptio
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