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  1. Change can be either good or bad depending on your beliefs and point of view. Before the 107th was a legion everyone seemed distant and out of touch. Whilst individuality was there, communication and unity wasn't. Now that we're a legion some might think that specific roles are unnecessary or regiments, now newly reformed as squads, have lost their individuality. I like to think otherwise. Heavy and Support focus on their roles to supply medical aide and ammunition to other troopers, Riot focuses on being the shield we need to push forward, and Honour Guard help to protect the members of IHC. Before the change Nova and Riot were distant and shut themselves off from the rest of the Battalion. Communication was severely lacking. Becoming a legion helped my boys unite under one banner again. I know that not everyone wishes to be a legion and that's understandable, but when it comes to my legion and its wellbeing that's for me to handle and worry about. Others might not agree on how I lead or treat my troopers, but that's their opinion. I lead how I see fit, I help my troopers when I need to, and I tweak the structure of the 107th when it benefits us as a whole. Complain about your own changes because I honestly don't see a need for anyone outside of the 107th to put their nose where it don't belong.

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  2. Player Server Profile Information

    In-Game Name (Most Identifiable): Ricky Royal

    SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:171552166

    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Brosalike/

    Time Played (UTime): playtime.PNG.693396b0187944ab29f4e9efad36e83e.PNG

    Player History

    Have you had any warnings in the past? If so, please list them: I've received no warnings.

    Have you had any bans in the past? If so, please list them: I've never been barned.

    Have you had any similar positions (Staff, PAC3, Developer) on other servers? If so, please list them: I was a Senior Moderator on Fudgy's DarkRP server for a few months. I'm also currently a moderator on an Isle server called Silver Falcon. It's not a gmod server, but it's still experience as a moderator.

    Basic Reasoning Questions

    Why should you be given this position over others?: I enjoy my time on the server to a great length and love to immerse myself in the roleplay. I spend a large amount of time on the server whenever I can. I've had experience dealing with hundreds upon hundreds of tickets each week during my time as a DarkRP Moderator. I learned to deal with players who could become aggravated and not easy to deal through a great amount of patience and the ability to stay calm and collected to not aggravate them further. Being able to understand players intentions and where they're coming from is a valuable ability to have. Helping players isn't just about handing out warnings, but being able to help players understand what they did wrong and deter them from causing more issues in the future.

    Why should you be trusted with this position? and do you believe others think of you with the same perspective?: I believe I should be trusted with this position because I'm somewhat known on the server. I know my way around ulx commands and bear no intention to cause the server any harm. Most people who have come across me know I'm not one to cause problems or minge. I try to be easy going and have fun whenever I can. If I'm given this role I'll try to prove my abilities and earn the trust needed to remain in the position.

    Why are you applying for this position?: I'm applying for trial mod because I love the server. I devote a lot of time and effort to my regiment and interact with a lot of people on the server. Others have told me they believe I would make for a good moderator (including staff members). I want to be able to help players on the server and keep it running as smooth as possible. It's not easy for everyone on the server to get along which is why I want to help mitigate when it comes to any problems players may be having with someone else.

    Before we continue, anything else you’d like to add?: If my application is not accepted I just wish to know how I could improve on it in hopes of being accepted in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my application whoever you may be.

    Moderator Reasoning Questions

    You see a civilian killing others without an obvious roleplay reasoning behind it, what do you do?: I would pull them aside and ask them what they're doing. Whilst they explain their actions I'd look through their previous warnings and bans to see if their word holds any value and to see if they have any recent warnings relating to rdm. Seeing how they're a civilian though I would assume they have some knowledge of the server. In the end I would most likely give them a warning for rdm or if it is clear they have no intent to roleplay I'd ban them for MRDM as well as NITRP.

    Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?: I'd check through the logs and grab their Steam ID. I'd then look through their warnings to check their recent warnings and bans to see if they need a more severe punishment. I'd then go into the console and give them a ban for MRDM. 

    A user has been given tools for training. You soon discover they are using the tools to prop kill and prop block. What course of action do you take?: I'd pull them aside and remove their tools. I'd explain what they did wrong and give them a warning and might get them blacklisted.

    Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?: I'd pull the person aside and explain what they're doing isn't tolerated on the server and they should refrain from doing so. If they continued to do so I'd give them a warning and increase the punishment if they continued afterwards.

    A player enters the server and begins to make racial slurs. What do you do?: I'd pull them aside and explain they can't use racial slurs even if they come from a heritage that allows them to use that word. If they continued to do so I'd give them a warning. If it was severe I'd give them a ban for racism spam.

    Someone threatens to DDOS the server. What do you do?: I'd find out whether or not their threat is to be taken seriously and not just some bluff to try and insight fear into players and staff. If their threat does prove to be serious I'd give them an immediate ban.

    You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?: Just because higher ranking staff members have more power than I do doesn't mean they can abuse the power given to them. I'd be sure to capture a recording of them abusing their powers and report it to overseers of staff members.



    Terms of Application

    1. Application bumps are viable after a total of 7 days following the last bump/post. If the application is bumped prior to the minimum amount of days it is liable for denial.
    2. Any member of the community is allowed to provide feedback by posting a “+1” or “-1” and can present evidence to support their vote. 
    3. Advertisement of applications in any form, including but not limited to, in or out of character chat, discord, forum chatbox and teamspeak, will lead to an immediate termination and denial of the application.
    4. Failing to answer questions will lead to the termination and denial of the application.
    5. False information will lead to the termination and denial of the application.
    6. Failing to meet the minimum requirements laid out by the template will lead to either the application being placed on a temporary hold until requirements are met, or it will be terminated and denied.
    8. Knowledge of the ULX Commands are not essential when applying but it is recommended and preferred that applicants expand their knowledge prior to applying or while the application is active.

    I, Ricky Royal, agree to the terms stated above and accept that if my application is successful, I am henceforth a representative of Imperial Gaming and will act maturely and responsibly. I accept and will respect the powers that are given unto me with my position. I will only use the power given to me to enhance the experience of the members of the community. I accept that any abuse of these privileges comes with the risk of termination from the staff team. I accept that I may be demoted at any given time without prior warning or valid reason. I, the applicant, am well aware of the server rules and to the best of my ability will uphold and enforce these rules.

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