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  1. how do you fight the urge not to reg hop?

    1. TK21720


      Because some of us are committed, like in a relationship.

  2. does the devil really wear a suit and tie?
  3. Imagine leaving Engineers lmao can't be me
  4. changing Star Wars lore and making myself the messiah of Star Wars
  5. I didn't get my billion credits :( anyways join 31st infantry

  6. join 31st infantry please

    1. TK21720


      Nah, Join Shock, and together we can rule the ISD's Security.

  7. stressed stressed stressed, law final exam coming up on Friday
  8. exams coming up man stressed as fuck haven't studied properly
  9. sorry if there's any spelling mistakes <3 wrote this at like 2am now its 5am lmao
  10. The year was 25 BBY, I saw and reached for the light in a tunnel of darkness, warm hands, big glaring eyes and a smile so big that it filled the room. This was my first memory, the person that molded me, the person that made me reach out for the light. It was my mother. I could feel my mothers warm hands over my body as she held me for the first time. It was comforting, assuring and it made me feel safe. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted away, the light began to diminish and I descended into the tunnel of darkness yet again. It felt cold, I could feel my mothers arms holding m
  11. weeks been good found a lot of new food spots in the city with the lads for cheap eats, Uni's alright its stressful but good stress as always, exams are coming up and I'm HIGHKEY unprepared
  12. Doing a degree for Law and Psych so I guess I wanna be a lawyer lmao
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