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About Me

Hey! I love Starwars and I adore empire gaming!

Relationship status: Taken ^_^(Heinrich, my true love~~)

Weight: 205kg of sexiness

Plus sized Vegan (as of january 27th)

Zodiac sign: BLM:cmonbruh:

Sexuality: Pansexual or Lesbian or Straight (depending on the weather)

#ACAB defund the original trilogy

KILL ALL MEN (except my little Heiny Shnookums >.<)

:porg:Furry Lover/ Fursuiter XD

I have depression so don't make fun of me or I'll something regrettable :biblethump:

Meat is M U R D E R

ONLY black men ONLY:cmonbruh:

Don't @ me is you are white

Kinky in the bed ;P (into breatheplay, good thing i'm always out of breathe then lol haha)

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