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  1. +1 
    Doesn't sound to bad, Could add some interesting situations for PD/SWAT etc.


    Just thought of something that people could abuse with but its against the rules already so it should be fine: sending someone into a base that has it active to kill everyone inside with a prop while sitting on it

    (add terrorist role to server please and thank you)

    • Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): [IG] Sr0rT 
    • RPName: Normally Marcus Sucram but I change it quite a bit
    • Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Srort/
    • Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:160533442
    • Any Donations? (Specify DarkRP or ImpRP): I have donated for ImpRP
    • Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words] I would Like this rank so when I am building and then my props get deleted randomly I can replace them with the dupe tool, I would also like to use the other various tools that come with trusted but the main reason is to do with dupes, I also believe I am trusted among the community as well as being an ex trusted with Poseidon  
    • What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words]: As stated above the main use I would use with trusted would be the dupe tool, I am not entirely aware of the commands that will come with the role though 
    • Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: Yes
  2. After looking at all of the warns provided by zaspan I am going to -1 this unban appeal 

    adding the fact that you have also been banned 6 times all within the same year

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Stryker said:

    IG Imperial Roleplay.

    Multiple branches working towards one goal - Peace and Order across the Galaxy [Emperor's public Goal]
    Multiple branches fighting each other like children - ???
    Some Branches working together and others not - Imperial Remnants? [Some working towards the emperor's goal some working for there own goal?]

    which one are we again.

    Crazy Frog Reaction GIF

    all 3

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Glosko said:

    We do have military power

    All wanted to see was suggestions to how we could better ourselves, e.g. 'you guys should do more rp', or 'you should keep numbers in events to a minimum unless a jedi shows up,' that kind of stuff which some people did giving some helpful comments. Some did not do this and instead just abusing Sith.
    As I stated im fine with hearing negative comments but just yelling at us is not helpful and instead you should try being positive to help Sith in the futrue. (:

    You should focus more on finding jedi and working with an em so you could go kill them rather than killing people with an Aos on them, for SG not much can be helped because you focus more on others being active/on ship because your main point is to guard high ranking people such as Vader or Tarkin but they are "off ship" right now so its a tough spot

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