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  1. This is for dark rp not swrp if someone can move it please and thank you
  2. +1 Doesn't sound to bad, Could add some interesting situations for PD/SWAT etc. Just thought of something that people could abuse with but its against the rules already so it should be fine: sending someone into a base that has it active to kill everyone inside with a prop while sitting on it (add terrorist role to server please and thank you)
  3. how bout a server that swaps gamemode each week
  4. will prob be similar to mud but rip shadow
  5. Sr0rT

    yet another one.

    At 5:50 I didn't know what was going on but I was standing behind you waiting for you to move so I could go kill hawkz
  6. na make em risk everything if they get caught then should of brought more people to help out
  7. would be fun I guess but could cause some issues such as Shock/ISB/IHC being friends with people and letting them raid the vault but could easily be avoided +1
  8. It will most likely go into the next prize pool for the next tournament
  9. After looking at all of the warns provided by zaspan I am going to -1 this unban appeal adding the fact that you have also been banned 6 times all within the same year
  10. You should focus more on finding jedi and working with an em so you could go kill them rather than killing people with an Aos on them, for SG not much can be helped because you focus more on others being active/on ship because your main point is to guard high ranking people such as Vader or Tarkin but they are "off ship" right now so its a tough spot
  11. the amount of people older than you only goes down...

  12. I think that sums up most peoples weeks tbh
  13. Nooooo we need you as our excuse for when the server crashes
  14. Join Purge don't be part of Army because B| army is cringe B|

    1. Storm


      I see how you people are not doing anymore PL test for you

    2. Cammers
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