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  1. can i have your social security details ;3 by by baby
  2. /me puts hands up to jugger and higashi
  3. 300k credits Quiz Because the 150k was not won its moved up to 300k credits. These are random questions made to be almost impossible to answer in time so i can keep my money and make more quizzes hehe. Rules: You have until the 2nd to answer You must answer all correct first to win and you will not be told if your incorrect You are allowed to do anything to find the answer other than illegal stuff O_O You have unlimited tries ;3 Question 16 is an opinion but I don't care hehe I will announce winner if they answer correctly, if no one answers correct I will do a 500k
  4. Update, you only have until Monday
  5. These questions are partly personal and partly IG questions for 150k Rules: -First person to answer all 10 questions wins 150k credits in game -I will check the answers regularly and announce in comments who wins if there is a winner -You have unlimited attempts and I will not tell you what is incorrect -Jugger can only win 20k -You can ask me questions but I do not have to answer, not including Q3 (you can try trick me) Question 1 -When I left the first regiment I joined, what rank was I? Question 2 -What's my Discord name? Question 3 -How much health do I h
  6. We do have military power All wanted to see was suggestions to how we could better ourselves, e.g. 'you guys should do more rp', or 'you should keep numbers in events to a minimum unless a jedi shows up,' that kind of stuff which some people did giving some helpful comments. Some did not do this and instead just abusing Sith. As I stated im fine with hearing negative comments but just yelling at us is not helpful and instead you should try being positive to help Sith in the futrue. (:
  7. This is being presented in a calm tone and is not at all to aggravate anyone but to educate; -Just making it clear on the reactor room situation, Wolf was AOS'ed and in cuffs when Peter came and killed him for no reason and shot the sov protector. Which was kept in character avoiding an OOC sit where they organized for that confrontation clearly which could have led to both being warned for avoiding AOS and Peter being warned for RDM. Because it was kept in character peter was to be AOS'ed and was clearly being chased by myself while hawks put the AOS on him when Wolf comes back to the c
  8. I would like to see peoples opinions on Sith as a whole or as individual groups/regiments and also see suggestions as to what we could do in the future to better relationships between us and you guys as I feel people are irritated just by our presence. There is no wrong answers and I am fine with hearing hateful/disrespectful comments or feedback. Again, this is to hopefully better Sith interactions with the community. ;3
  9. Omelette is the my favourite with melted cheese and bacon/ham and Curly you deserve to die
  10. Clone wars would split the IG player base and each server would have barely enough to function and it would not be fun to play on, killing both servers. If we where to switch fully to clone wars then again most players would leave and the server would not have enough players. Lastly people play IG for the IMP's not because they want to be clones, go to gateway to be a clone, play IG for Imperial rp.
  11. The server just needs less regiments and less slots in them, this will make them all members more skilled and more individual and required to make the regiment function. It will be more of a honour to be in an elite reg as more numbers makes the reg less respected as it becomes more of a meme and ruins rp. This can be seen in many regiments at the moment as in ISB they have way to many people as well as them also having Comp and DT next to them they take to many slots. This can also be seen in Mud and sky as there is to many of them. This could also be seen in the past by Shock having like 8 p
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