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  1. 1 minute ago, Strix said:

    it aint gonna help if you take it away from them

    What? it isnt taking rp away from them? its just creating more so not everyone is forced to be an st or in your regiment to do anything? its creating more rp and encouraging new members to participate and undertake the rp. Yours wont shrivel up and die?!?

  2. +1

    I see a few people complaining about his engineer roleplay but honestly it's the most fun rp for sec and people who don't take everything seriously. What he has done as an engineer isn't even a fraction of what renegade and Fred used to do, and renegade was a fine mod. It's actually roleplay

    Whilst his rp may come off as chaotic and mingey for non sec members of the ship....as a sec member it gives us shit to do with someone who wants to roleplay without getting ooc berated the whole time because he actively  wants to pursue the rp. 

    Yeff can be a minge, but like...whenever the situation calls for it I've seen him slip into a serious mindset and clearly debate serious topics, everything I've seen he's handled well. A lot of these -1s seem to be from a personal disaste of yeff which isn't exactly fair. He's shown before he doesnt abuse the staff kit, he handled and controlled the mingiest minges for events, that's pretty impressive. Dudes also helped me out before. I would honestly trust this man with mod over certain current members of the mod team

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  3. I think as a member involved in some of the things dodger has done, its important to provide context of things that were considered for his og extension.


    My first ever interaction with dodger was him as an ec rebel, so dont say it was 100% in character including the fact i was in armour but hadnt spoken, screaming women dont deserve rights and other sexist comments whenever he found and attacked me. I have never honestly been on a positive foot with dodger, him harassing me on discord saying i didnt deserve cf 2ic and other shit then trying to lie and say it wasnt him as if we didnt share servers, as well as messaging members of the community lies about me, as i was told by a mod who was watching chat relay months ago. Because of this i have him blocked on discord and muted in game,  ive told him multiple times to noy speak to me and despite this he will attempt to harass me, send me !p messages, apologise an hour later then the next day start the behaviour up again,  for those who saw his last ban where he kept saying he apologised to me multiple times. He did, but those apologise are negated due to how he treated me or spoke to me soon after each one.

    Myself and scheff arent even the only community members, ive had multiple people talk to me about the way dodger has treated them.


    One big thing ive noticed hasnt been made public but from what i know was behind the extension was the fact over a heated arguement in the isb discord, dodger took it upon himself to leak the community members real name, the person had only trusted dodger with this info and was greatly shocked by the situation,  this got him kicked from the isb discord.


    So far from what I've seen and heard dodger never apologised to this person but said it was their own fault for trusting him. Unless he shows genuine remorse and promises he will never ever even think about doxxing a community memmber, i dont believe it should be reduced.


    If he can 100% say he will stop messaging, harassing, going out if his way to make time on the server hard for individuals, and garentee he will never attempt to doxx a community member again, as well as stop harassing and shit talking the mod team i believe he should be allowed another chance but put on probation as others have suggested

    I no longer believe he should be allowed another chance with probation, after this exchange, he proceeded to repeat the name and who the community member was in teamspeak

    Neutral leaning -1

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  4. -1

    Sorry dude i like you as a person but you have on multiple occasions encouraged bad behaviours thats resulted in bans, watch the video on dodgers ban appeal where you are encouraging him to attack 501st whilst theyre training,  then proceeded to go off in ooc chat after dodger and Dazza where banned,  even joining in on dodgers shit talking prior to his ban, youre also quick to join or start heated arguements. Due to these events,  i do not believe you are mod material at this point in time and need to work on these aspects. 

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  5. +1 absolutely adore this man. He's helped me out so much on an ic and ooc level and held my hand through so many situations and been the voice of reason when ive gotten mad about a game situation.  Has talked me out of dumb shit and also comforted me so i could ignore situations.  Dudes great help and handles some of the biggest minges we love with a particular care and control. Voice is very attention grabbing and hes well respected within  the community 

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  6. 27 minutes ago, Bailey said:

    show pics, i dont play server, ill tell you if based or shit

    stealing @Veteran photo because its too early to log on, but its disugsting, the defcon is cut off and the level bar is hidden under the health bar, the NSEW is at the bottom of the screen and you cant see your rank/model/name which can make it hard post event to make sure everything is right if you play first person


  7. look dude i really like you as a person, your time in compnor really change my opinion of you and we had some good times, but in saying that, i also saw how you handled arguments and conflict situations, and it was not great, you are quick to anger and struggle to see things from others point of view in situations which would make it hard to deal with moderator situations 


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  8. 2 hours ago, Mongo said:

    Cut off my left pink finger, completely, and half of my left thumb.

    was operating a table saw, performing maintenance on it mind you; so the stopper was inactive because of this.

    leaned over to grb my spanner and my knee hit the on button, causing the accident.

    Did they manage to reattach???

  9. My spine prolly. Physical trauma broke my hip and 2 spinal discs (l4/l5) fragmented and bulged out (2018) first round of surgery i sneezed and my stitches burst open and i almost bled out. A week later a hernia developed and burst my back open  and back i went.  I had surgery ealier this year again and it was hella more successful but as compnor knows i cant move good when its cold and have nerve damage (perk tattoos dont hurt on that leg, downside my ankle will randomly give out and i collapse, have smacked my head a lot bc of this, concussed twice) i have 3cm difference between my calves due to muscle dystrophy.  Nerve damage at this point im told is unknown if itll repair past what it has but fingers crossed

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  10. I placed a preorder on a Thrawn statue I'm pretty hyped about ngl, won't get it until sept tho which :(
    Also just paid for a tattoo im getting friday morning so thats coooolll


    outside of that stressing about my large 60% of grade uni project because a guy named Chad (he wears sweaters in australia?? and has that mid length gelled hair hes a straight up meme) hasn't finished his slide despite in our group of four only needing to do one slide each and the oral presentation is thursday 



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  11. 5 minutes ago, Bibleman said:

    Imperial Gaming as become a police state, every reg has tasers and cuffs hahaha 



    George Floyd death: Police violence in the U.S. in 4 charts

    Figure 1: Depicts brutal Compnor troopers beat down on innocent Storm trooper's 


    *This is joke*

    you cant prove they are innocent if they're dead smh



    Nah but for real, the server is a tad hostile at this moment but the events are getting pretty interesting, do as cammers say and join medics to avoid the conflicts and vibe, as well as get easy placings 10/10

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