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  1. +1 if no reason is giving how are community members meant to be aware of or understand why they where banned and how to improve their actions in the future, there needs to be less ban happy incidents and more explanation and warnings
  2. can you please elaborate im lost? i think you misread the post and may need to re-read
  3. What? it isnt taking rp away from them? its just creating more so not everyone is forced to be an st or in your regiment to do anything? its creating more rp and encouraging new members to participate and undertake the rp. Yours wont shrivel up and die?!?
  4. nah bro we are gonna raid ihc and force them to give us missions
  5. ArdatLile


    Its not his photo, linked to hella random articles and shit
  6. I think as a member involved in some of the things dodger has done, its important to provide context of things that were considered for his og extension. My first ever interaction with dodger was him as an ec rebel, so dont say it was 100% in character including the fact i was in armour but hadnt spoken, screaming women dont deserve rights and other sexist comments whenever he found and attacked me. I have never honestly been on a positive foot with dodger, him harassing me on discord saying i didnt deserve cf 2ic and other shit then trying to lie and say it wasnt him as if we didn
  7. I very much enjoyed our limited interactions on the server and hope this is a weight lifted from your shoulders. Good luck in your future gamer plans man
  8. stealing @Veteran photo because its too early to log on, but its disugsting, the defcon is cut off and the level bar is hidden under the health bar, the NSEW is at the bottom of the screen and you cant see your rank/model/name which can make it hard post event to make sure everything is right if you play first person
  9. i got demoted on league bc simon and i keep inting got one exam out of 4 done so pog i found out if i take home unneeded boxes from work my bird is entertained for hours destroying it and im really happy compforce is living again
  10. ArdatLile

    hi ghuys

  11. got all my oral assignment marks back this week, did 3, got HDs for all of them so pretty pog. I just have two large reports to finish over the next week then prep for exams so dying rn. I've been stupid sick this week so that's an F. Excited for all the new lads in compnor this week tho
  12. My spine prolly. Physical trauma broke my hip and 2 spinal discs (l4/l5) fragmented and bulged out (2018) first round of surgery i sneezed and my stitches burst open and i almost bled out. A week later a hernia developed and burst my back open and back i went. I had surgery ealier this year again and it was hella more successful but as compnor knows i cant move good when its cold and have nerve damage (perk tattoos dont hurt on that leg, downside my ankle will randomly give out and i collapse, have smacked my head a lot bc of this, concussed twice) i have 3cm difference between my calves due
  13. Did you guys match each other? That'd be so cute bro
  14. I placed a preorder on a Thrawn statue I'm pretty hyped about ngl, won't get it until sept tho which Also just paid for a tattoo im getting friday morning so thats coooolll outside of that stressing about my large 60% of grade uni project because a guy named Chad (he wears sweaters in australia?? and has that mid length gelled hair hes a straight up meme) hasn't finished his slide despite in our group of four only needing to do one slide each and the oral presentation is thursday
  15. Ah yes my two positions, awkwardly staring down the camera or showing my ass glorious. Poor Donovan not comparing for a Jawa....One day he'll recover
  16. I have no idea who you are but your profile being consumed by ducks is all i need to be excited to interact with you on the server
  17. you cant prove they are innocent if they're dead smh Nah but for real, the server is a tad hostile at this moment but the events are getting pretty interesting, do as cammers say and join medics to avoid the conflicts and vibe, as well as get easy placings 10/10
  18. I'm so invested in this story, i cannot wait for the sequel where they somehow magically survived by falling onto ig-88bs ship and the drama continues as krenic is jealous and trying to hunt the inquis down
  19. Honestly probably that time a bounty hunter stomped us at the checkpoint and hunted us down inside compnor, dude make it scary and fun
  20. actually i found the opposite, i didnt want to participate in events until i saw i had to in order to complete the questlines and worked up the courage to actually do it and found i really enjoyed it. I didn't think i would and was worried the slog fest would just leave me exhausted and burnt out but I have found it rather fun. Its fun interacting with people and working alongside them when you usually wouldnt and acting out all the different types of rolepaly and characters to bring the EM's story to life. Whilst we lose majority of the time, there is nothing wrong with that, its nice to help
  21. I'm just wondering, if it is okay to deal with certain aspect of toxicness in rp ways? for example uh a thing i've faced quiet a lot since joining but don't want to piss anyone off by running to my partner every time it happens, is a bit of sexism i think? this ranging from every time i type in ooc someone replying with 'gamer girl' or some shit instead of adding anything useful to the conversation, to people straight up approaching my character in game and begging me to follow them/come to their bunks and following me around for an extended period of time. One of the rp ways we handled the l
  22. Meeting new friends within the server and getting involved with a community when my mental health started slipping towards the end help, as long as my partners support throughout the year, and the good ol puppy dog of course I'm hoping in 2021 to finish my degree, maybe get into business school and hopefully juggle a full time job at some point as as spending more time at the gym building up muscle and getting into better shape, hopefully my spinal surgery will be my last and ill recover well and focus on rebuilding the dead joint in my ankle i hope to also get better at roleplaying, i t
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