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  1. +1 1. Makes logical sense 2. wasn't doing anything wrong when he got on the sever 3. Should let him talk before banning him 4. sounding like someone isn't evidence 5. Having a low steam score also isn't evidence if you trynna play among us hmu 6. was in the middle of running security for theta 7. he's very pissed 8. refer back to 7 9. Writing angry post on forum refer back to 7 10. delete this or deny this because of the way it was written. Writing an angry post won't help but a good way to get out anger. probably
  2. just got banned for sounding like Leaky don't even get to finish talking a bit lazy on the admins part. Darth Vader was telling me that I am him sooooo. created an account just so I can go back and talk to the admin mans (on the forums I mean don't want to get banned here 2). I get what Vader man was saying about it all being a coincidence but I don't think thats enough to ban me if I could get unbanned so we can talk would be apricated. and watch your back out there guy you don't want to sound like anyone or you'll get banned
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