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  1. Very low detail here as well as low effort has been put into the application, so I am unsure. In fairness, the guy who banned you (Moose, who seems to have been a very high up individual at a point in time) has upvoted this app so maybe we should give you another shot. Neutral leaning to +1 with a 3 month probation
  2. Now that's just rude
  3. Longest time ago, don't think anyone will remember you at all so an easy fresh start. Come on back. +1 with no probation
  4. From my personal experiences with COMPNOR as a whole and being inside of it, I believe the vast majority of current and previous individuals being inside of COMPNOR have been doing their best to facilitate meaningful and proper roleplay without detracting from the reason as to their entire existence in the first place. All interactions in place are presumably done to help facilitate the interactions the Empire might have done, to serve and enforce law and security. I am unsure on the lore methodologies being used but honestly I do believe all COMPNOR regiments have a good reason to be exi
  5. Buddy this is why nobody listens to your laws, even your own laws are fighting each other.
  6. No proof of bad intentions, though usually is always good to let high staff know to make sure it's alright to do these things as it's a little bit wonky at best even with good intentions for the server. Nonetheless you seem to know you made a bad decision and not to do said thing again. Props to you. +1 with no probation
  7. Cammers

    Hey lol

    Dude how do you not know him he is the MT CO.
  8. Sorry for double post, should delete this, I got bad internet out in the city for some reason.
  9. Competition is a tough thing, and if you were poaching players from a playerbase that definitely is not something that's ethical, but alas it's been a good while and times have changed. So long as you don't do it again I don't see why you shouldn't come back to IG and have some fun. You also seem like a good bloke from what I have seen and heard regardless, so that's always a good sign. +1 for a month probation
  10. The vast majority of what Delta has said I agree with.. but I have a couple issues with some ways you've gone about posting this. This sentence is nearly the definition of narcissistic, it seems like you've removed what you were alluding to in the appeal which is good but the fact you have said this gives me pause onto how you might take some criticism. You don't need to remind others on this, administrators on the forums can do so and take down posts when necessary, and joining recently doesn't remove someone's opinion on things that may have happened in the past or how you co
  11. Long time ago this happened, and albeit short feels sincere. +1 with a two month probation.
  12. I am forever doomed. Am a Port Adelaide support if that isn't clear. Not only that I work in the MCG so I am in a bit of purgatory.
  13. Actually mad talented. Kinda scares me.
  14. o7 Breaking me heart
  15. I have no idea what this is meant for but I love it anyway.
  16. This legit was my childhood.
  17. Moderators are like EMs but moderate. Clearly better choice.

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