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  1. Question 1 What year was Rogue One released? 2016 Question 2 Who has the highest body count in history? (Name and number) Body count (normal context): Ismail the Bloodthirsty, 888 kids Body count (murder contect): Luis Garavito, with 138 proven murders, and 300+ probable victims Question 3 What does LOL stand for? Laugh out loud, league of legends Question 4 What is 4x4+4+10x2+9 = ? Depends on bracket placement, but I'd say 49 Question 5 What is my playtime in weeks? Guessing 4 weeks? Question 6 What are the 3 Government bran
  2. Hola, bob, welcome to the community - clab
  3. cheers for coming back as my 2ic that one time lol, you shall be missed o7, b host
  4. Good luck in the future, Kippy. o7 - Clab
  5. Really good surprisingly. God a lot of shit done, finished all my assignments on time, and managed to still hang out with my friends. 8.5/10
  6. Met up with a few mates and a close friend this week and schools been less stressful, so thats cool. 7.6/10 overall
  7. This morning, my mates and I were discussing dumb stuff whilst making pancakes for our school, when we came across the topic of a mate's relative winning the lotto. After the discussion, I thought about what I would personally do if I won the lottery, and what dreams I would pursue first. So, what would you guys do with the winnings if you won the lottery?
  8. St Kilda all the way Jack Steele for the Brownlow!
  9. Ez pick It's gotta be the Therizinosaurus / murder turkey
  10. Since I joined you've always been a great role model to me, and I very much appreciate all the time you put in to teaching me the ropes of leading. Aside from in-game stuff though, you were also someone I'd definitely call a mate, always super easy to talk to and friendly. Good luck at Uni, and remember to hop back in discord to visit us! - Clab
  11. not to get all political


    but what is obama's last name?

    1. Storm


      idk Barack 

    2. Clababsos


      President Obama Barack sounds correct

  12. Bruh, I was literally reading an article on this a few days back. A straw is topologically the product of a circle, which has 1 hole, and an interval, which has 0 holes. So a straw has 1 hole Source: "Drinking Straws: How many holes? " by Kevin Knudson
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