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  1. -------============ The Applications will be locked at 12:00am AEDT 14/11/17 ===========---------
  2. To all who are interested, With the recent vacancy of Supreme Prophet, RG CMDR and SG CMDR it is time to fill these roles again. To show your expression of interest please fill out this google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1npAp9ibhNiaFGDuLVm1NJTePSqKy41zSP3--QnfRHSE/ You will only be able to show your expression of interest until the 14/11/17. If you have been successful you will be contacted to do an Interview and a Physical test. For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me either in-game or on the forums. - Royal Representative Gall
  3. Fantastic Idea, will definitely be donating!
  4. ----=== Tryouts will be on Wednesday night 6pm-7pm AEST===----
  5. Whoever put that they hate him deserves to die.
  6. Uhhhh Ling Ling you will be missed greatly. Ever since I met you when you were a 1st LT in Nova and I just became RST CMDR. You have always been a friend of mine and will allways be one. At least we will still play PUBG! Anyways goodluck for the future my dood.
  7. Pretty sure Kosmos has this as his personal job.
  8. yea like the 88th commander this year lol
  9. To all who are interested, The Royal Guard Commander position is vacant and The Emperor and I are looking for someone to take over as Commander. Tryouts will be announced at a later date. Anyone who wishes to try out for RG Commander over the rank of SGT, please comment your current In-Game Name, Rank and Regiment. Thanks.
  10. Yea was no need to apologise you did well.
  11. He is the big boss now (Palpy).
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