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    ISB Changes

    hi i am vader and congrats
  2. Honestly don't think anyone likes campaigns. Rather do the events at the normal times.
  3. This type of behavior is unacceptable for any player/staff especially for a Senior Admin who is part of the management team. Senior Admins are meant to be setting examples for the server and staff team. The Staff team have been told multiple times to not spawn ourselves weapons, this is also blatant RDM on New Recruits to the server... What a great example for new members of the community.
  5. Happy that you are enjoying it
  6. -1 One of the worst minges I have ever seen... Don't think you can change.
  7. *Subject File - 152345* *Clearance 6+ Only* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- << BASIC INFORMATION >> Name: Gallius Rax Rank: Admiral Assigned Roles: Royal Representative, Head of Naval Intelligence Age: 41 | Homeworld: Jakku Species: Human | Gender: Male Hair Colour: Dark | Skin Colour: Pale << SUBJECT BACKGROUND >> Gallius Rax was born on the planet of Jakku. A
  8. +1 would be a good tool for them to have, although would let shock have priority if there needs to be someone arrested.
  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Will miss you ;(
  10. MHC needs to communicate and RP more with Navy/Sith/ISB. Its like MHC is inside a bubble ATM.
  11. And Me boi Vader and I are the Elfs!!!!!
  12. Come talk to me I might be able to get you into RST.
  13. ------------------------------- People who have made it to the next stage: Pinejack Goliath Carnifex Lepaul Kumo Seven Spoder Stephano Saturn Congratulations, you will be contacted to complete the next stage in the application process. --------------------------------
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