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  1. Look at your ban reason...
  2. Except you have been released for the second time... You got caught for the third time Your a repeat offender now
  3. -1 You say it was a mistake although this is your second permanent ban. You were also given a chance last time you were unbanned and decided to throw it away. I think a lot of people will agree with me that you staying banned is a good thing.
  4. -1 Arkas gave him a lot of chances to stop before banning him. I think you deserve to have your ban reduced though.
  5. +1 Deserves a second chance IMO.
  6. NEUTRAL I believe that you should be given a second chance as this ban was almost 6 months ago. But Neutral for now.
  7. Hi, hope you enjoy the server!
  8. And this right here is why I love being apart of IG!
  9. Kendrick

    quick binds list

    Hey great idea, you might want to just copy the note and paste it on the actual post. This way people can copy it directly from the post.
  10. As a fellow Moderator having to move people away from a Sit is a regular occurence. Nothing wrong here.
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