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  1. 3 minutes ago, [IG] Tackxo said:

    Jesus Christ, now people are upset at a f**king noose?

    I’m no stranger to suicide but if you would look at the context that the noose is in you wouldn’t give a sh*t, or better yet, keep it to yourself, not a star wars role play forum.

    Please remember the fact that this is also one of the themes of this holiday, nooses are seemingly prevalent¬†as a way of being ‚Äúspooky‚ÄĚ or whatever the f**k.

    Like Banks said, if you see something on the internet, don’t get upset at it because it triggers you, because most of the time people forget trigger warnings exist  and also because it’s the internet. 

    cool props but


    Yesssir too many people that need to grow up these days. If you don't like it ignore it or don't play the game. Honestly tired of all these softies. 

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  2. My time on IG goes like this:

    1st Regiment - Royal Storm Troopers - Bridgadier
    2nd Regiment - Royal Guard - Commander
    3rd - Royal Representative Gallius Rax
    4th and Final Role - Darth Vader 

    Originally joined the server by accident, ended up staying for over a year and did thoroughly enjoy it. Some people may not know who I am but im certain their are still those who have fun memories with me.


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  3. 1 hour ago, GOINGxHAM said:

    I'm sure you all know if you have taken a look at my profile that all the regiments I have been in I have either been kicked or left at the rank of staff sergeant because something always happens and I honestly can say that I am not at all aiming for this to happen its almost like the game doesn't want it me to get past that rank  or a admin but me thinking that would be different today me being a chief in navy Chief = Staff Sergeant since I was up for a promotion but something happens as per proisy and I ended up getting demoted instead so me being fucking pissed at this outcome I have decided to take a break to calm down but its fucked.

    Stick with one regiment and improve. Sticking with one regiment/sith got me up to Vader, took almost a year but was totally worth it. 

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