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  1. Yesssir too many people that need to grow up these days. If you don't like it ignore it or don't play the game. Honestly tired of all these softies.
  2. It was 1st November 2017, My Birthday. Weird how thats what I remember about it lmao
  3. Hey lets not forget how good my voice changer was. Best Vader? ;p
  4. My time on IG goes like this: 1st Regiment - Royal Storm Troopers - Bridgadier 2nd Regiment - Royal Guard - Commander 3rd - Royal Representative Gallius Rax 4th and Final Role - Darth Vader Originally joined the server by accident, ended up staying for over a year and did thoroughly enjoy it. Some people may not know who I am but im certain their are still those who have fun memories with me.
  5. I miss all the good laughs and memories with the people on the server. Hardest thing was leaving.. The OGs know how much fun we used to have
  6. You have to be a real OG to be as old as @zaspan and myself.
  7. Best moment of being Vader
  8. Not really coming back but this is one for all the OGs from back in the day - Hope you enjoy! @zaspan
  9. Become Vader Oh Wait...
  10. You almost made it to admin 14 times. It was a good run tho.. xoxo
  11. I'd rather go inquisitors tbh
  12. Stick with one regiment and improve. Sticking with one regiment/sith got me up to Vader, took almost a year but was totally worth it.
  13. Yea same, I was thinking of an Astroworld themed droid with Travis Scott autotune. @zaspan Thoughts?
  14. +1, You were always good when I saw you. Good Luck Buddy
  15. I highly recommend this keyboard:
  16. It's up to the management team when it comes to high ranking roles like that.
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