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  1. I don't really have any major complaints but I thought I'd just say Rotation Maps: Rotation maps might be annoying to relearn when we might only be there for a day or 2. Logistic Mission - I don't recall seeing any on rotation maps (please correct me if im wrong on this), if there are logistic missions they might be annoying for people to know where all they go, would be annoying for devs to make logistic missions for every rotation map used. Pretty much only way to quickly get money aside from having a 100% win ratio when gambling. Lag - Might be an issue with a lot of peo
  2. Hello, for those who do not know me, I am Rachel a not so active forums user but an active member in the Imperial Gaming GMOD Community. I have recently left the spot of SKY Commander because of my own personal reasons knowing Lister, the current ACO, will do a good job with the regiment, I am still however in charge until Lister is out of the ACO stage so I have been helping him and still bonding with the SKY members. I have recently heard about how the 275th SKY Division will be removed and this has got me so confused to why this is happening, everyone in the regiment is doing just fine
  3. So happy people voted for me <3's to those who did
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