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  1. Hi relic. I would advise you to upload the scripts you wrote in order for us to be able to gauge your abilities. Showing only a screen shot of a derma panel doesn't actually inform us of what you are capable of as a vast majority of the functionality is back end.
  2. Welcome aboard ! Hope to see you around (though being in IG kinda makes it hard to talk to people )
  3. One of my fondest memories on the server . It was so good
  4. Oh now that is interesting . I was thinking just a person killed by X weapon is added to a list and people on that list cannot be revived. But if we can get body groups that would certainly make for more cool medic system . I will float the idea with Stryker
  5. It's very hard to do that because when someone dies it doesn't log how they died ( explosion, Saber etc ) only the attacker and the DMG . It could feasibly be done by checking the active weapon of the attacker and putting it on a list of people not able to be spawned but something like that would have to be approved by management
  6. big +1 good guy and great application. Hope you get accepted soon
  7. Fixed up the sith duel script thanks to the advice from @Eclipse I made it so there is only a singular hook with a variety of functions that the hook can call upon. Modified the challenger table so that it also takes the actual player object at the index. This saved me having to do a for loop whenever I needed to involve the ply that didnt activate the hook. Overall it should be much more efficient and easier to understand. Also working on making the light saber more personalized. I have made it so that different users have access to different force powers and in the coming weeks I
  8. Yea I was looking up alternatives and found that as a neat alternative. Since key lookup times are constant I will most likely go for this approach. Cheers for the recommendation
  9. Actually found out gmod lua doesn't have switch statements so I will figure something else out
  10. I just looked through my code and found some if statements that could definitely be single line for more readability . I know switch cases are constant lookup time so I am going to convert each of my hooks into a function and have a single hook that checks the command and if it is valid call on the function. Probably should have done that from the start haha
  11. Hi eclipse. Thanks for the good suggestions. When it comes to if statements without an else they are generally multi line. When applicaable I like to use single line if statements such as for my modifications for the saber checking privileges . However I really like the idea of combing hooks and using functions to process a command where necessary. I will modfiy my sith challenge and sith tourney scripts and resubmit them to the application. Also with regards overall efficiency it is always at the top of my mind and the more I learn about gmod the better I will become at it. Any o
  12. Amazingly written application. Just reading it cured my depression. big +1
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