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  1. if someone from overseers wins I will sponsor the shipping cost.
  2. was just going through YouTube as you do and found this. thought I would share it as it sounded beautiful.
  3. Hi, so i didn't want to make or respond or try and argue with people's respondes but since you asked a question I'll happily answer it, I am currently not banned on the imperial gaming SWRP server I can play that whatever I want, with the second question on why you don't think I have answered all things truthfully I will clear it up by saying everything Bailey said in his post was true I did attack him for no reason I did everything he has said and I really do regret it I know he won't believe me and why would he truth be told but i trurly dont want to be unbanned to just be a complete fuckhea
  4. Steam Details Steam Name:Donut Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:448651653 Steam Profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRealKhronos/ In Game Details In Game Name: Donut In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: ST Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Perma Which staff member banned you: Cecil/Bailey What date did the ban occur: I have no idea some time last year What was the reason for the ban: Bullying a member of the community Explain the situation in detail which led to you bei
  5. @Bailey @Luigi I would like to request my appeal to be taken down as clearly I'm not ready to be unbanned yet. Thanks everyone for your responses I appreciate them I hope to see you all around on the Gmod server.
  6. I have said on multiple occasions if I was to get unbanned bailey can block me on TS, Also with me pinging bailey on discord he would actually sometimes respond to me, I was then contacted by Cecil and he asked me to stop and I did, I didn't know it was annoying bailey as he would respond back to me answering my questions and i was banned from the IG discord not for bullying or being rude but cause I said the N word for a meme I said which I said "this Ni**a got roasted" and I didn't know the IG Discord was that strict on it as all the other IG discords I have been in like the Sith discord had
  7. Clearly alot of staff aren't actually reading what I have said, I am very sorry for what I did to Bailey I do regret it alot, i still would like to talk to him, I'm not trying to get unbanned to "shit talk" everyone. I have come to peace that this appeal is going to be denied again so next time I appeal please actually read the whole damn thing because I did regret saying everything and I'm sorry for it.
  8. I also suggest you read over every single reply of mine I have said sorry so many times, i have asked to talk to him so many Times, i have said i regret it so many times even in this appeal,
  9. Hello Angus thanks for the response, me saying stuff like "to save him time" and "Find Christmas spirit" is not me poking him at all, and who am i threatening and being rude to in my responses? And when you say "you apparently havnet shown any change in behavior" have you yourself actually interacted with me at all?
  10. Could you please show me this Chinese bible stuff I have no idea what you mean by I posted Chinese bible??? idk wtf that even means. if you going to make an accusation please back it up with some evidence. Also with this "Sociopathic" term are you aware at all that this is indeed a two way street now by saying that and like I have said so many times before I went over the line yes 100% there's no arguing that and I regret it and I'm sorry for it. But to say what I said to bailey makes it into the territory of sociopathic then what does that mean for what he has said to me and others? It seems
  11. Thanks for the response Matto, but could i ask what "evidence" you are talking about as the evidence he provided has been explained in full already " This is clearly an ironic joke, you are clearly reaching, you haven’t even shown who this message was directed at, and if the person this was directed at feels offended I apologize profusely. You talk about me using old images from the SITH discord in the video with no context behind it but you have also not included any context with these screenshots. This is clearly a joke, it has no offensive or direct meaning at an
  12. Just a friendly reminder only staff can comment on appeals I'm happy if you would like to DM me your problems and I will discuss it with you and post it here if you would like.
  13. Hey delta!, I would just like to ask as bailey hasn't answered my question what other "members" have I done this to besides bailey of course . Thanks for the response though
  14. I would rather talk to people in an Out of character place, Bailey I understand you hate me and really don't want me back but why wouldn't you want to put me on probation and if I fuck up like all you think I will. Then I'm community banned and I have absolutely no reason to ever be allowed back into the community and you get what you have wished for.
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