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    hi ghuys

    Shui hua piou piou bei feng shou shou tian de yi pian cheng mao
  2. Bruh yes they get a month but you don't gotta celebrate it? What's the difference between a month and a day we still celebrate and honor those who put their lives on the line for us regardless if its Anzac day or not. Who cares if they get a month its not like they are forcing you to join in? I don't get why so many people are so pressed about it. We have things like the war memorial's where we can go when ever we want and learn about the history and just what they fought for and many of the names of the people are fought for us . So who really cares if there's a pride month it isn't putting d
  3. its just cringe. so you gotta donate at the start of the wipe to get the most out of it even then the Minecraft server aint gonna be that popular so the only people that'll most likely be on it is those who donate and be OP
  4. Let me do this backflip real quick /me Backflips
  5. i would like to be Hamish Sinclair in inquisitors
  6. you will be missed young man. May your singing career grow big son i will watch over you
  7. thanks for the @
  8. Soo like is there a gambling system/pokies
  9. I wish to be a alaskan crab fisherman
  10. Didn't answer my question.... When is 224th being added back.
  11. -1 -Lacks details -Seems a bit controlling/rude -yells alot/abusive I would suggest interacting with the community a bit more i wish you the best though!
  12. I finished watching the boys and now feel a little empty inside
  13. As the Head of the monopoly department I also agree that COMPNOR as a whole is slowly improving
  14. Photo contains somewhat graphic image?
  15. i was just writing a big post but then i saw baileys and said fuck it he summed it up pretty well. also rimmins speech on sith news still gives me goosebumps it was so fucking good haha
  16. this seems to be going off topic a bit boys
  17. Just lost $600 last night at pokies going strong remember kids "Chase your losses they cant run forever"
  18. "Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here."
  19. Since they obviously must have forgotten to include this information, this is not just an application for Shock 2IC... What you are essentially applying for here is CO/ACO for a 3 month period while Binny is away for work. You are applying for the responsibilities of being a CO without any of the related perks and will very likely be bumped back down to 2IC after 3 months of acting as the CO. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here.
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