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  1. Hello everyone @Cecil and I are looking for an individual who wants to come and play Overwatch completive with us we only need one more person so if you are somewhat decent at overwatch messege me on discord (Chubbs#9611) thanks.
  2. @Bailey please delete this comment ..... not on a bo burnham post....
  3. Hello, just wanted to make this post to encourage people to go watch Bo Burnham's new special on Netflix
  4. this is what you look like when you try to flex
  5. You actually look like an idiot stop talking please no one cares about your money on a SWRP Gmod server you are flexing on 13 year olds who dont even have jobs
  6. i dont think its much of a flex buddy
  7. All i can hear is "Here we go" and "Deflect Deflect Deflect"
  8. Hey @Rickle i miss you little man come back @Zote
  9. Chubbs

    hi ghuys

    Shui hua piou piou bei feng shou shou tian de yi pian cheng mao
  10. its just cringe. so you gotta donate at the start of the wipe to get the most out of it even then the Minecraft server aint gonna be that popular so the only people that'll most likely be on it is those who donate and be OP
  11. why you gotta make this shit pay 2 win
  12. i would like to be Hamish Sinclair in inquisitors
  13. you will be missed young man. May your singing career grow big son i will watch over you
  14. thanks for the @
  15. Soo like is there a gambling system/pokies
  16. I wish to be a alaskan crab fisherman
  17. Didn't answer my question.... When is 224th being added back.
  18. -1 -Lacks details -Seems a bit controlling/rude -yells alot/abusive I would suggest interacting with the community a bit more i wish you the best though!
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