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  1. you will be missed young man. May your singing career grow big son i will watch over you
  2. Soo like is there a gambling system/pokies
  3. I wish to be a alaskan crab fisherman
  4. Didn't answer my question.... When is 224th being added back.
  5. -1 -Lacks details -Seems a bit controlling/rude -yells alot/abusive I would suggest interacting with the community a bit more i wish you the best though!
  6. I finished watching the boys and now feel a little empty inside
  7. As the Head of the monopoly department I also agree that COMPNOR as a whole is slowly improving
  8. Photo contains somewhat graphic image?
  9. i was just writing a big post but then i saw baileys and said fuck it he summed it up pretty well. also rimmins speech on sith news still gives me goosebumps it was so fucking good haha
  10. this seems to be going off topic a bit boys
  11. Just lost $600 last night at pokies going strong remember kids "Chase your losses they cant run forever"
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