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  1. Still thinking about eggs tbh

  2. Look I'ma leave a +1 just cause yes not much advance creations but I do see a lot of potential. Also, If you get PAC and I see a cat girl walking around... I will regret this +1 very very much
  3. Guys... cmon. We have a opportunity to play COD: MW2 with people and not with the current dead servers. Who doesn't wanna relieve the MW2 days smh.
  4. Just thinking how addicted Zote is to me smh :feelsbadman:


  5. Btw, If you crack an egg its still an egg! 


  6. Prophet has just lost a level of intelligence, making his new level -3459693 :feelsbadman:

  7. I've been thinking... if u crack open an egg. Is that egg still considered to be an egg?

  8. Masturbated Im kidding lol, I just did things
  9. Is that a lowkey burn Sith for me was not fun anymore, 200 days for your first regiment does things to you man Good luck for anyone who wants it
  10. Guys, I think we all know who should get reward 19???? Kevin lol
  11. Sometimes... I dream about cheesssse.

  12. My cape ruined that screenshot smh
  13. Dude what you do is... You place the weebix in, you then put a teaspoon of sugar on top in which you then put milk. THEN you microwave for 1 - 2 minutes and there you have the best cereal
  14. +1 Wardog I think would make a great trial em, he is one of the inquisitors best rp'ers which is a great trait for an EM. He also is very active and mature, but hes struggled with spelling and grammar which shouldn't make a big negative impact on this app.
  15. whats a girlfriend guys ?
  16. Name: Kevin DOB: Old enough Why should we choose you for US president: Im smart in brain and like sharks #2020Kevin Vote now
  17. If inquisitors are getting a health increase, why on the sheet they are still below the default we have now? Initiate on the sheet is 600hp where right now the default is 800hp? So are we not getting an increase in health?
  18. Yeff ain't happy about the last part of that statement xD. But BIG +1
  19. BUMPThanks for the feedback! Quarantine finally lifted...
  20. Yeah not much detail at all, haven't had any interaction on the server with you I'm pretty sure
  21. BUMPThanks for the feedback! Boo crew gang!
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