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  1. Yeah not much detail at all, haven't had any interaction on the server with you I'm pretty sure
  2. BUMPThanks for the feedback! Boo crew gang!
  3. ^ But also, weren't you recently away for a long period of time? I'm not completely sure but ye.
  4. I- I dont know why I've quoted but my Coochie doesnt stink
  5. Movie Actor, about to start studying drama with that. If that doesnt work out, I'm also studying alternative electronics so I can be a sparky in the trade industry
  6. BUMPThanks for the feedback! Maybe a quick reply?
  7. Ok well quite a big health nerf for inquisitors which I guess can work but ONLY [in my opinion and a few others] if we change the rules of engagement with EC's now that we are wayyyyyy weaker. Or in other words, surly if this gets implemented we can have less restrictions on events? Otherwise personally think its too harsh of a nerf, a gun wielder will be able to beat an decently skilled Inquisitor to easily to make sense. Though wiltOS is coming and idk if that's a buff or a nerf. Honestly implement it and will see how it goes.
  8. It was a fun ride in being the best duellist in inquisitors Me with wiltOS ->
  9. BUMPThanks for the feedback! Maybe a quick reply?
  10. BUMPThank you all for all the responses! Hit up with a reply?
  11. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we actually won, we had a more powerful weapon sooooooooooooooooooooo we gave up mid way cause we won and proved ourselves! and.... eggs
  12. +1, reasons above! Its Second SISTER not Second BROTHER
  13. -1 Look, even if you put a lot of detail in this app which there isn't really any of. You have yet to demonstrate any maturity the time I've seen you on the server. You show no restraint in crude situations and due to that it becomes a bigger problem then it could've been. As a staff, you are not only required to be mature at all times but also to have a good reputation with the people of IG, in which I'm afraid you don't. BUT, if you show growth of maturity in all categories on the server and begin slowly gaining a good reputation with IG I may consider a +1. This is not something that hap
  14. BUMP Thank you all for all the responses! Hit up with a reply?
  15. BUMPBumperinosssssssssssssss x2
  16. BUMPBumperinosssssssssssssss :] Maybe hit up with a reply??? <3
  17. I'd like to state and make it clear, I believe the inquisitors claimed victory over the temple raid... and whoever the moredoor guy was he is like soooo cool but nah goodjob Josh, still things to approve on but overall a nice watch
  18. +1 - The pacs are pretty hot ngl
  19. Eyyyyyyyyy the 2nd screenshot is Cod 4 Love all the screenshots, most of them would look like an actual scene from clone wars tbh which is crazy, great job
  20. Steam Name: SliceofCHEESE SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:443690706 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198847647141/ In Game Name: Second Sister Time Played Imperial RP: 4 weeks, 5 days, 20 hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have 1 warn that dates back early last year for 'lying to staff'. I really don't remember this. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? Nope 0 bans Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)
  21. +1 - I also haven't had any problems with him during his time in sith
  22. It was actually a vibe tho, cheers for the music
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