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  1. Did you know the person who acts the gayest is the most straight... :kappaross:

    1. Jozo


      I must be straight af bro

    2. Phobia
  2. Still thinking about eggs tbh

  3. Look I'ma leave a +1 just cause yes not much advance creations but I do see a lot of potential. Also, If you get PAC and I see a cat girl walking around... I will regret this +1 very very much
  4. Guys... cmon. We have a opportunity to play COD: MW2 with people and not with the current dead servers. Who doesn't wanna relieve the MW2 days smh.
  5. Just thinking how addicted Zote is to me smh :feelsbadman:


  6. Btw, If you crack an egg its still an egg! 


  7. Prophet has just lost a level of intelligence, making his new level -3459693 :feelsbadman:

  8. I've been thinking... if u crack open an egg. Is that egg still considered to be an egg?

  9. Masturbated Im kidding lol, I just did things
  10. Is that a lowkey burn Sith for me was not fun anymore, 200 days for your first regiment does things to you man Good luck for anyone who wants it
  11. Guys, I think we all know who should get reward 19???? Kevin lol
  12. Sometimes... I dream about cheesssse.

  13. My cape ruined that screenshot smh
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