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  1. Hey just gonna say the map looks LIT i like it!!
  2. +1 amazing person to have in the community <3
  3. IG has Darkrp? i didnt know x)
  4. staff SGT mace windu? 10/10 enjoyed watching these videos keep it up!
  5. Hey they look pretty good! have dont some myself last time too!
  6. i wanna see this app get approved or attention for my lovely binny so heres a big ass BUMP
  7. read the whole thing watch the video dare i say 10/10 made my night +1000 -quack
  8. +1 Great person , funny , a doodoo 10/10 support sinatra whoever Dont approve this i will cuff u - quack
  9. shut up no one is sick = cure +1 relish your gold +100
  10. so as i promised its the 23rd of august! so enjoy damn screenies! so uh was just idk hanging around the bridge? the skys was amazzinngg! Tried to press some WEEWEOO buttons too bad it didnt work first time i met the sexy binny <3great person many loves! had a screenie with clover heh he tot we were gonna get miniguns SIKE! Honestly idk whats going on but i found this alien ah uh it said "ARGHERSDF" stole someones office ? hehe Rebels stole a door from MH1 smh why cant they buy their own door gosh hangi
  11. i would say as a ex film student i would an opportunity like this hardly come by so i would 100% support u! 10/10 application 10/10 person in rp 10/10 sets! +1
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