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  1. working towards being a graphic designer absolutely love illustrations <3
  2. Hm fair point but with this argument where do you get the concrete from to make the concrete barriers we are allowed to make? x) there were never fortifications set up in starwars on ships i would say we need to balance the keeping lore friendly and this is a game ya know
  3. just saying it should be the reg that get the punishment aint the whole server coughs*
  4. I would Honestly want a answer on why shore troopers are not allowed sandbags but only concrete barriers on ship? x.x
  5. He sticked someone to death He shot someone dead he aint playing no more Somone about to get sticked Uh my first emperor kills? x) And who can forget about this HAHAHA
  6. when the event starts i want to be one of the first person to be notified
  7. international shipping?
  8. what are the deadlines?
  9. SANDBAGS FOR SALE 500 credits per 1kg come to shoretrooper bunks and look for duckling!

  10. if you say so expect more to come!
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