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  1. This new ISD seems like it could use some of my decorating
  2. Men are underrated 

  3. we get to stay on a map for 2 days for once??? omg, a miracle
  4. So basically you're just repeating what he's said but more detailed? You know if he steps down the 2IC that takes CO doesn't have to step down either when he returns, since binny has literally given them CO. What is the point of the application? You have two officers fully capable of taking on the task, or are you making this because you think they are completely incompetent to do a job they are literally set out for when they become officers? (I mean when the CO is gone an officer has to take ACO until he jumps on, or comes back from LOA) And the fact that the future 2IC needs to be
  5. To be fair you do deserve the demotion, you've gotten away with too many RFA'S and you aren't a good influence on privates in the regiment, you should've been demoted sooner and harsher from how many RFA'S you kept getting, you don't have to make a rant proving the fact that you are in the wrong just to annoy a 14 year old kid that is clearly in the right on the situation, being harsh on strix for this is too far, everyone that is being an asshole to him about this clearly as there standard for a role model too far down looking up to biblemen is the most shittiest decision anyone can think of,
  6. I completely agree with the statement and find it really unfair, I've always noticed that sky usually get placings either 1st or 2nd and the hard work all their troopers put in, it seems much more unfair that you've gotten second place on the elite regiment board yet people are talking about removing it? It makes no sense due to how well sky are working so hard out in the field just for their regiment to be thrown into shambles, I'm pretty sure this was just off poor decision making and I hope who ever thought about it in the first place will re-think the entire idea.
  7. Gonna miss you man, safe travels on your next shit post of a GMOD server haha
  8. You can't binny, No one beats me in minging
  9. I'm so proud of myself, being a loser finally paid off for once
  10. *gets gunned down because one of them was stupid and tried to kill an INQ*
  11. If I don't hear a radio playing "All I want for Christmas" on the server then I'm rioting
  12. Cap, I'll easily get it, no questions asked, sadly
  13. Of course you were sick, that's why I put a barrel to my mouth after that and also ran off, jumped off MH1 railings kill binded and said in OOC "committed die" The funniest part is that when I did it everyone in OOC starting saying the medics need therapy while you all ran into med bay walking passed my body in the bacta tanks, I did it in front of an isb agent and he just stared at me, I didn't want to have to deal with what was going on at all since I was the only medic on and you guys wouldn't be quiet so I just had enough. But either way that was funny.
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