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  1. +1 Has proved his decency in the community and is a nice person. The amount of time he has had a ban for at this current state is enough to teach him a lesson, Has understood his mistakes and i believe he is ready to come back
  2. Strix

    hai I'm lynk

    Denied, Re apply in two weeks
  3. I missed you kamelion. Inactive captain smh
  4. I think it is just easier to say: You delta, I was somewhat involved with this guys ban, Could i comment my POV/opinion? easiest way to monitor and not hard to do overall aslong as people like delta and rex aren't turtles
  5. Strix

    Another one...

    I subbed to his channel and watched the vid a day early XD Subscriber bonus
  6. Star Wars RP memes that cure depression ( Part 3?!?!?!?! )
  7. Isn't WiltOS It is stealing the force abilities from it then using our current saber system with them force things to try and even things out and maybe remove the ton of health for force compensation
  8. Strix

    Clip Dump

    First time i have seen gusky feel empathy XD " So the privates a problem? " * Dead * Love ya chrissy <3
  9. ( Just gives you super admin perms )
  10. Maybe not WiltOS but possible idea Only thing is i am having trouble understanding it
  11. I prefer the " death_gun " The last thing my enemies will see is me holding a skull that shoots lasers that disintegrate people
  12. DLT-23V That gun has so gone up & down for years now But that shit still go Brrrr
  13. Somebody hand me the fucking flame thrower
  14. Can you design the next battlefront game? I am guessing the roles will be dependant on your current role ingame eg stormsurgen will be given to supports
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