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  1. middle of Rogue One ( inbetween star wars 3 & 4 )
  2. bro i remember seeing you as a second lieutenant 5 months ago in the 6th army. so long ago
  3. So after some time with having interactions with crofty in game and in TS he turns out to actually be a really nice guy that is responsible and mature. he is currently taking the initiative on bringing back a whole regiment and after these demonstrations i am going to +1 good work crofty i hope to see more of it in the future As for your application you have a decent amount of detail and you also have a decent event ideas aswell
  4. For those that have responded with a -1 could you guys give an explanation to why you have done so? maybe there is something i don't know about kippy so please do tell
  5. B U M P Updated playtime: 8 weeks & 2 days. thank you to everyone that has given me feedback. it really helps out when trying to go in the right direction
  6. duck i was anakin ( i forgot the scene entirly )
  7. Clover#2458 I would like to see a medic throwing a bacta bomb
  8. ahhh yes kevin from INQ. +1. i have met kevin quite a fair bit and he is everything that i can see for what a mod takes. he follows rules, has a really good temper, puts in extreme effort for what ever it takes ( he legit battled 50 INQ just for one force power ). and is also really freindly i have never gotten mad or had any sort of disagreement with kevin. hope ya get it kevin you would make a great mod
  9. tinky is a legend and funny AS FUCK
  10. ahhh yes scheff is big lad i think someone might wana lock this as my mans has been accepted for interviews?
  11. yeah it is a thousand hours of proggress that shows how hard you worked. he wants that back
  12. any super admins can give you your time that you have proof of
  13. i just do weekly screenshots of my items & playtime and i just tell wingza and show him my proof ( but that is just me )
  14. then you have general frokie lookin real gooood
  15. NO WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER JOESTAR NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. OH YEAH WE BACK WITH RISHIII!!!!!!! in 24 days :pepehands:
  17. Clover

    Officer suit

    thank you kris may i get this closed i guess? unless a dev wants to work on the body group to give the MT officer the badges we use
  18. Clover

    Officer suit

    The current medical officer uniform doesn't have the correct ranking badges. can someone please fix? ( i didnt know where to go i just went here because it is a bug )
  19. -1 Extremely aggresive and offensive to people on the server. Good application and with detail and examples. Side Note- Heavy aggresion has been shown from you and as someone showcasing the server can't have that ( you can always change my mind by improving of course )
  20. b r u h: so this is what happens when i am not in medbay. and also you are a great editor! you should join the media team!
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