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  1. middle of Rogue One ( inbetween star wars 3 & 4 )
  2. bro i remember seeing you as a second lieutenant 5 months ago in the 6th army. so long ago
  3. So after some time with having interactions with crofty in game and in TS he turns out to actually be a really nice guy that is responsible and mature. he is currently taking the initiative on bringing back a whole regiment and after these demonstrations i am going to +1 good work crofty i hope to see more of it in the future As for your application you have a decent amount of detail and you also have a decent event ideas aswell
  4. For those that have responded with a -1 could you guys give an explanation to why you have done so? maybe there is something i don't know about kippy so please do tell
  5. B U M P Updated playtime: 8 weeks & 2 days. thank you to everyone that has given me feedback. it really helps out when trying to go in the right direction
  6. duck i was anakin ( i forgot the scene entirly )
  7. Clover#2458 I would like to see a medic throwing a bacta bomb
  8. ahhh yes kevin from INQ. +1. i have met kevin quite a fair bit and he is everything that i can see for what a mod takes. he follows rules, has a really good temper, puts in extreme effort for what ever it takes ( he legit battled 50 INQ just for one force power ). and is also really freindly i have never gotten mad or had any sort of disagreement with kevin. hope ya get it kevin you would make a great mod
  9. tinky is a legend and funny AS FUCK
  10. ahhh yes scheff is big lad i think someone might wana lock this as my mans has been accepted for interviews?
  11. yeah it is a thousand hours of proggress that shows how hard you worked. he wants that back
  12. any super admins can give you your time that you have proof of
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