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  1. Alright I think this is enough of back and forth between everyone, keep it civil and say what you have to say, and just keep it at that or have a discussion with that person 1 on 1.
  2. Only thing I thoroughly despise about combat healing is when you’re and EC and you kill like 5 people alone and then all of them are instantly revived and brought to MAX HP. Should probably have defibrillators not revive people to their MHP, somewhere around 10% where if you revive someone in a combat situation the person being revived doesn’t have a fighting chance since you just revived them from certain death. Not really on the part of medics it’s just bad mechanics.
  3. I honestly don’t see a point in cutting COMPNOR regimental capacities in half, if you stop people from join a regiment such as ISB, this removes their incentive to remain on the server. The only situation this would actually be helpful is if we solve the issues above, be it roleplay issues or command issue. By doing so you can have players look at two different regiments, e.g CF and SW, and notice the difference, CF being the loyal troopers of the Emperor, eliminating and capturing anyone who might oppose him within the Empire itself, and Shadow dealing with the military aspects, be it sabotag
  4. We have reduced the amount of offships mostly because some of us are a bit hesitant to do them mostly due to the fact we have been focusing on the times we are doing rotations and creating event chains for those rotations. It’s really good to get your opinion out there and using the forums is the best way to do so, it really helps us in the EM team create a great experience for all
  5. This sums up the entire war on the western front in WW2.
  6. This sounded worse than I thought lmao
  7. What about an ILC regiment?
  8. +1 Really great guy and has definetely changed since his warns/bans. I think he would be a great fit as an EM and my experiences with him in CF have been very enjoyable thus far. Not only has he matured but he has the initiative to create immersive and well planned events. His event ideas are also very detailed along with his application. Good luck with your application Sinatra. (Hopefully you remember writing this post Sinatra)
  9. +1 I’m plus 1’ing since I have had numerous good experiences with Curly. He is very friendly and creative. I believe he would be a beneficial member to the EM team. Although one major issue is that I have never heard you use your mic in our multiple experiences. It is vital that you have a microphone especially when you are doing events, but other than that I wish you all the best Curly.
  10. I had the pleasure of witnessing @Kristofer getting LEM, I also happened to be recording. IMG_9636.MOV
  11. +1 Really great guy, he made my experience in IHCA amazing. He is responsible and respectful to each and every member of the community. He is a perfect fit for the moderator role and is great at mediating conflict and coming to good resolutions for both parties. I wish him all the best for his application and would love to see him as a member of staff who actively contributes to the IG community.
  12. Hi Wardog I am going to leave a Neutral Negative, -1 due to these reasons: Lack Of Detail. especially the question "What do you believe you can bring to the EM team," the other questions could also have additional details aswell. Lack of detail in event ideas Unable to Judge Character due to lack of interactions Lying about previous Warns Poor Warning/Ban History Your applications overall lacks details in essential areas, if you do this I may reconsider my position to +1 Good luck with your application Wardog
  13. Interesting one if I say so myself
  14. +1 Yeff is just a genuine guy, he provides very strong compelling RP while also being a really great guy OOC. Honestly think he's a great pick for the EM spot and I 100% agree with everyone elses points above.
  15. Steam Name: [IG] Aezir SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:106971068 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198174207865 In Game Name: Adrian Aezir Time Played Imperial RP: 168 Hours / 7 Days Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? N/A Have you had any bans (If so state them)? N/A Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? N/A Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I am applying to the role of EM to provide for the IG communi
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