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  1. This has far too much Aezir featured in it. I love it.
  2. Steam Name: [IG] Aezir SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:106971068 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198174207865 In Game Name: Aezir Time Played Imperial RP: 4 weeks 12 hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? NLR, I killed a BH in my bunks after I was already killed, It was then removed soon after due to me argu
  3. They were event characters, everyone who was actually in VF was fine
  4. Basically wanted to have a bit of a rant over an RP situation that I had earlier today during an event, where the EC's were undercover troopers disguised in imperial armour. Not slandering anyone here just wanted to provide my experience and how FearRP has become a bit of a stigma that nobody talks about in the respect that nobody will create a sit where someone has broken the FearRP rules. Instead people will just let it off and now avoid it. The situation I was in occurred in the vents, where I heard gunshots from the vent I was standing next to, and since I am a shock trooper, I went t
  5. I was wondering what everyone though on whether cereal is considered a soup or a stew. Soup Definition: a liquid dish, typically savoury and made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables etc. in stock or water. Stew Definition: a dish of meat and vegetables cooked slowly in liquid in a closed dish or pan. Personally I think that cereal is a soup. Considering the fact that by definition a soup is a liquid dish, which most cereals would have milk, while it misses out on the typical meat or vegetables. Whereas a stew is meat and vegetables slowly cooked in liquid. So I guess you
  6. Usually I put shredded cheddar cheese to add a nice taste to it, along with some hot sauce and mix it all together. Sometimes I put mayonaisse and thats the best cereal when you put it in the microwave
  7. The part that hits home the most for me is the meta gaming when cloaked. During my time in CF I’ve had many instances of people using context menu to detect me or abuse of equipment, for example the scanner medics have. There have even been instances of Staff members meta gaming, I’ve been cloaked and infiltrated a building and securely comms it in and all of a sudden I have 4 guys shooting corners searching for me. The other points I also agree with, but this one is the worst for me.
  8. Just adopted a child #poggers #dad #adopter #twodads

  9. French Occupation RP
  10. Usually I just go in and out and head to the KFC across the road.
  11. +1 Not Inactive Uncool Very detailed app
  12. Alright I think this is enough of back and forth between everyone, keep it civil and say what you have to say, and just keep it at that or have a discussion with that person 1 on 1.
  13. Only thing I thoroughly despise about combat healing is when you’re and EC and you kill like 5 people alone and then all of them are instantly revived and brought to MAX HP. Should probably have defibrillators not revive people to their MHP, somewhere around 10% where if you revive someone in a combat situation the person being revived doesn’t have a fighting chance since you just revived them from certain death. Not really on the part of medics it’s just bad mechanics.
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