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  1. ANiX

    Staff Report-Zaspan

    @Whitey @Wolf @Ridge @Moose @Chopz @Head Coach Frank , I dont know if anything has been done about this but by what whitey has said could we have this locked
  2. ANiX

    Ban Appeal

    @Chopz Ban time has been completed(https://gyazo.com/3a3d911716c7b8dd17ddddaa5723e281), Please Lock & Move
  3. ANiX

    Kangaroo's ban appeal

    +1 For Ban Removal This ban was a long time ago and i would hope that you've changed by now Hope to see you on the server soon
  4. ANiX

    Necro's Ban Apeal

    +1 For Ban Removal Your a good guy i can see how you would of mistaken this for a legitimate link, Hope to see you on the server soon!
  5. ANiX

    Armando Ban Appeal

    +1 For Ban Removal Hope to see you on the server soon.
  6. ANiX

    Automated Steamnam3s

    If you need help with spreadsheets just come see people in regional gov.
  7. @Kosmos am i apart of this one? cause you guys kinda left UDF without saying a thing...
  8. ANiX

    Mark Wazowski Ban Appeal

    If your getting memory issues try joining a server with a non custom gamemode , then restart your game and try joining our server
  9. ANiX

    Snows Trial Moderator Application

    -1 Reasons Above
  10. ANiX

    Donation Money November

    @Wolf Hope your mate is doing well.
  11. Name: Bullock Regiment: Regional Government STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:99371140 Picture: Me & my son Rickle (Picture By @Bailey)
  12. ANiX

    ImperialRP | Server Update

    @Whitey Could we change JT to Imperial Super Commandos. Ill pay for models lol
  13. ANiX

    Lua Not enough memory

    @Born You fixed it for me helpa this man
  14. ANiX

    My 300th Post

    Dude everyone just joking around, no one is trying to be an ass, just trying to have some fun
  15. ANiX

    Hi, I'm Back

    Long time no see man