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  1. ANiX

    Permanently Stepping Down

    We have been thru most together i made you stay and i tend to think of you as one of my best friends, We still going to play together tho but im going to miss our yelling at each other in game o7
  2. ANiX

    Mars Ban Appeal

    I agree with many of the responses above and believe they outline my judgement, -1
  3. ANiX

    I am sorry

    @Jerry Please follow what rivers has said, The ban may of been a stretch but you still do have to appeal using the ban appeal template. Thanks ANiX
  4. Hello Wombat, You are a great guy and everything, i have nothing against you but i do recall from when EG started that someone in management said if you leave you dont come back into the team again. I think there could be a second chance card for anything you just have to wait a couple more turns. As you are showing your becoming decicated to the server again i would say by New Year, if your still around i will +1 you, but sadly I will not be support this application. -1 Good Luck ANiX
  5. ANiX

    What is the map rotation

    Sometimes it can crash not always, and this isnt a problem it happens with other maps too, just GMOD bring GMOD
  6. ANiX

    What is the map rotation

    As far as i know we are going to Naboo on Thursdays, Every other day is ISD, However we still do have the Death Star and we probably will be going to it in the future.
  7. ANiX

    2236's Introduction

    Welcome to the forums.
  8. ANiX

    Soy's Ban Appeal

    Also: You were never/should never be warned by staff members for Talking During Debrief, Entering a Restricted Area and Weapon During Defcon V, All these warnings or arrested should be and are carried out in-game. Thanks, ANiX (Couldnt quote in edit : P sorry)
  9. ANiX

    Soy's Ban Appeal

    His Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:39965537 Neutral, Leaning Towards -1 After 7 warnings most players are permanently banned (Rare cases of not being banned are if your warns are very far spread apart), As i have checked out in-game what your warnings were and dates, I can see that in 4 days you managed to get 8 warnings total, mostly FailRP for doing things you werent ment to (https://gyazo.com/83b08395450f7f56c0ca2cebab85e701). ~~ However if you were allowed on the server again, I think you should be on a one strike basis (meaning you gain 1 warning at all ranging from putting a "Long video on the TV" all the way to "RDM" you will be perma banned again) and will not be able to make a ban appeal for atleast 2 months. Thanks, ANiX
  10. ANiX

    Brass and Emerald get scared playing Roblox

    Hacking scum, punish them more @Bailey <3 Brass and emerald
  11. ANiX

    Thirty's Introduction

  12. ANiX

    Staff Report-Zaspan

    @Whitey @Wolf @Ridge @Moose @Chopz @Head Coach Frank , I dont know if anything has been done about this but by what whitey has said could we have this locked
  13. ANiX

    Ban Appeal

    @Chopz Ban time has been completed(https://gyazo.com/3a3d911716c7b8dd17ddddaa5723e281), Please Lock & Move
  14. ANiX

    Kangaroo's ban appeal

    +1 For Ban Removal This ban was a long time ago and i would hope that you've changed by now Hope to see you on the server soon
  15. ANiX

    Necro's Ban Apeal

    +1 For Ban Removal Your a good guy i can see how you would of mistaken this for a legitimate link, Hope to see you on the server soon!