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  1. ANiX

    Supernova Ban Appeal

    2 Years served is good, hopefully in that time you have become more mature. Thanks, ANiX
  2. 100% Agree With Ya, Nice to see what all the good memorys sometimes
  3. Thank You For The Time, I as of right now will be stepping down from all roles within game and within the Staff Team, I have been through a lot with this community and its hard for me to wright this. I honestly have been becoming bored of GMOD, but there are other factors that weight into this decision i have made, If you would like to know message me on the forums. Couple of people that i think need a mention: @Kosmos - You made this community that i got myself hooked on and i thank you for all the fun times that have been as well as the fun times to come. @Martibo - As me
  4. ANiX

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    I stand with my first statement, There are rules on this server and every server, you knew what you were doing and in your application lied about so and once brought up you admitted to, But still you're lying on a Ban Appeal.
  5. Please post a screenshot here +1, You have been banned for a while and I do believe you have changed, You should be able to come back on a 1 month good behaviour. Thanks ANiX
  6. ANiX

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    As you knew your conditions where to not receive warns, Why did you not call a staff member or go to management once you got back and tell them?
  7. Needs to be filled in! Need a screenshot -1 Until you fill in your application with the stated parts above Thanks ANiX
  8. ANiX

    Quoth's Ban Appeal

    You broken your unban conditions, Whether they were minor warns or not you broke them, which ultimately means to me you broke the moderation teams trust. -1 Thanks ANiX Just A Quick Question: I am very confused, If you didn't intentionally D/C to avoid arrest then what happened?
  9. Completely agree with rickle
  10. +1 Would be good to make the server more realistic
  11. ANiX

    Hypo's Unban Appeal

    +1 Ban Removal, Shouldnt of been Perma Banned in this situation you explained, Good Luck ANiX
  12. Hello @Jufacua, I showed up to the sit at a later point were you and @Rivers had been talking, At that point i had been watching staff chat and heard other staff talking about your name, At first i didnt look into it much until it was explained to me by some of the staff that were concerned. When i turned up you were still not listening to rivers asking to the reason "why" which he had explained many times, I then took over the situation asking to firstly change your name nicely but you still were asking "why" after i told you multiple times the reason, The warning i gave you "Not listeni
  13. We have been thru most together i made you stay and i tend to think of you as one of my best friends, We still going to play together tho but im going to miss our yelling at each other in game o7
  14. ANiX

    Mars Ban Appeal

    I agree with many of the responses above and believe they outline my judgement, -1
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