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  1. +1 can this man get pac already?
  2. Cool man, and big boi
  3. +1 Great Guy, Love event idea 2, Snow day can't wait to play it. is a IHC tournament god. But i do agree with kris on some terms.
  4. I think i was in that event because i was in compnor as a rebel a 1 week ago good moments.
  5. +1 great application A lot of competition in pac and I would say I have seen better but tbh I’m pretty shit at pac. Everyone can improve overtime tho so I think you deserve it you can be a bit of a minge sometimes but I think your trustworthy enough.
  6. Dear ghost I will miss you and to pay respects I’m going to revive evo and hopefully be a great commander just like you were,. thank you for what you’d done for the regiment and the server from Josh I will sorely miss you
  7. The community of the server will miss you and I hope your brother gets better.
  8. +1 Great app, some good pacs from my perspective. some pacs are not original.
  9. +1 Great application, I really like the one with the shield on his arm!
  10. +1 Great man, Great app.
  11. +1 Great person trustworthy and has had pac before and should have it again
  12. +1 Seems legit, great pac and would increase rp on the server
  13. Rip Mr stormtrooper so sad to hear that TK-46901 Died in combat. for the empire!!!
  14. Welcome To the server mate i'm still new too
  15. +1 Great maps would love to play one of those maps on the server 1 day Needs more detail. Bad Reputation on the server.
  16. Josh


  17. +1 Great moderator on the server. Great in this position. Needs more detail.
  18. +1 Bit of a crackhead but a funny person and great app
  19. +1 Great person seen him help out before and help out the community!
  20. way better than most of the maps definitely add it!
  21. Can't wait to play on the map!
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