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  1. +1 Trustworthy Great ideas Great application Overall in my opinion the more developers we have more the fun stuff they can create for the server.
  2. Where going back into quarantine from the second wave of COVID-19 cases and the server pop hasn't went up since. We can't use it as a excuse of why the server is lacking population it needs advertisements and we need to show how the server can be fun. It's the fun and motivation people gotta have to get more people into army regiments and more new players on the server.
  3. +1 I believe that Lucas can be a great member to the staff team. He’s a active member of the community and is a great person. Maturity is a good thing that staff want and Lucas has it. I believe we need more young people to the staff team and will be a good thing. His application shows that he has a good intent to be a exceptional T mod. Needs more detail in application.
  4. FAT +1 From my experiences with him in EVO. Since whenever i was doing sinatra's tryouts in evo, I was so happy i found a new recruit into EVO that was so good and helpful. He helped me create RP for the regiment and that is exactly what Event masters Need RP. Mature and helpful. Makes interesting RP. One of the best EM applications i have seen on my time on the server. Put great effort and time into his application. I love the original event ideas. Overall helpful guy and has had a few mistakes in the past, But seems fit to be a EM. The amount of warns
  5. Neutral You seem trustworthy with pac, But before you post a application you would have to know how to know to use it well, And have more Pac examples. I know your gonna post more each bump but yeah. I would like to see more and might reconsider a +1.
  6. I have now made it into my soundboard. Thank you for the idea
  7. Hey Binny here's my feedback on your application. +1 Pacs looks great and create rp. Application looks great with but some missing grammar. Trustworthy of pac. One of your pacs had BB series, The BB series only came out after the empire fallen and the new republic raised into power. (Cold war period) I know there only PAC Examples but just wanted to let you know.
  8. -1 Application Seems very rushed. Application has very Bad grammar. Very bad experiences in the past and present. Excessive warns. Awful reputation. Very mingy a lot of the times, Such as text yelling at admirals and superiors ect. Bad attitude. Overall hasn’t changed his attitude and is still mingy. If he somehow gets his reputation back and starts fresh and has a good attitude, Not mingy, Stops getting warns and bans. for six months straight and actually takes time and effort into his application, I might reconsider a plus 1. If he were to actually so
  9. He's just quackin around the isd how cute.
  10. Man I know you don’t know me but I will miss you so I decided to play a song. Discord: !p bohemian rhapsody (Plays bohemian rhapsody on rythm bot)
  11. Neutral I agree with aezir on some parts PS- Wardog for super admin! Jk. Wardog love ya mate
  12. +1 Mature and will not abuse his position. (if he gets the position) Event Ideas are average and can have some tweaks, and more grammar. I would love some more monster events so I love that. I believe you can make great events in the future. When you said, I'm not the best at talking to a large group of people, Being a event master it is a critical thing you have to learn. Such as doing briefings and debriefings before and after events. Most events you have to speak to a large group of people and it’s mainly only (passive events when not) but overall it’s a critical thing,
  13. +1 Respectful and well known in the community. Creates awesome RP. Trust worthy of the role. Great application. Mature and can take conflict. Overall would be a great mod.
  14. I agree and also make the droids a little cheaper or a sale
  15. Josh

    hello there

    Welcome to the server i hope to see you around
  16. Fat +1 ( Baby rages at valorant )
  17. It's been very fun with boys in Evo but it went so quick, I remember the fun we had in Evo such as All the SITREPs and burning people to death in Sims and events, gosh I really want to go back and do that shit again, but I lost all motivation to run E.V.O and left because I didn't have any officers or a 2IC tried to find some but no luck there I hope the next co can do a better job than me I tried my best now I'm going off to try my best in navy. So I wish you luck to the next co and one last time for the EVO boys.
  18. Discord: josh1568#0660 Draw A evo trooper defusing a bomb pic
  19. Quack says the duck, ducky sits on edge of building with grand moff him self how sweat.
  20. Don't need to climb swep if you suck just jump and die simple. [ I know u made this for people like me sinatra ]
  22. Josh

    Just a Take

    Wait Did kippy make this event it looks awesome can't wait for the next event you make, Just make sure it's on the ISD next time.
  23. Can't wait to see ya man
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