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  1. Josh

    Happy Birthday Kyle!

    Damn I'm pretty sad now that I missed it.
  2. Josh

    Dictator Binne

    I swear when I see you driving that car again, I'm going to shoot you down in my interceptor.
  3. B U M P U P D A T E D P L A Y T I M E 4 W E E K S A N D 19 Hours
  4. Here is some videos I made for my Media team application. I would like to know what I should work on in my editing because my editing software is dog Sh*t so either upvote to tell me its fine or down vote and tell me a better editing software and tell me what to add. And please tell me a free editing software that is good thank you. Now I hope you enjoy the videos I made a bit ago. btw making more soon.
  5. Will he ever come back to this and do it, We will never know after all he is just a duck.
  7. Lucky I only started playing the server right after this happend XD
  8. This is so poggers but such a big risk of getting a warn for mic spam.
  9. Josh

    IHC Tournament

    Yes indeed would like to see more of news reporter bob tbh. LETS GO NAVY LETS GO, Ps army go back to the firing range like splonter said boys.
  10. Josh

    IHC Tournament

    I do not know what happened to the sound at the end bit odd.
  11. B U M P U P D A T E D P L A Y T I M E 3 W E E K S A N D 5 D A Y S H E R E I S A N E W V I D E O @Splonter
  12. Josh

    IHC Tournament

    Here is the full video of the IHC tournament yesterday, For you to watch or rewatch. If you weren't there to watch and you want to see what happens, Well your in luck here you go have fun. PS Newly uploaded so yeah quality not the best.
  13. Josh

    I'm back

    Welcome back my dude hope you fit in well.
  14. To be Honest remove shadow and add ark troopers because yeh.
  15. Josh

    EC Major Generals

    Bruh today this happened.
  16. Bruh I remember being on that boat singing da adaddad add dd da dd dd ad d ada dd a ddd daaddada addadadaaddaadadadaddadadadadaa ad addaad adadad adad adadaaddadda I think I have a clip of it somewhere?
  17. +1 Bossk gonna Inspect more of ISC's ships?
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