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  1. I would like to start this off that I'm leaving the server from this time and date and I might hop on once in a while. 

    While I'm here this is what I want to say I have been in many regiments and every one of them gave me great experience on learning how to help a regiment in a way and trying to help others. I first started off as a simple little recruit in the recruit room on a stormy night. I heard gunshots and Tiefighters from outside the ship, I even saw rebels killing stormtroopers defending the recruit room area. It was an Immersive server that I stumbled apon and I wanted to see more at the time. So I got trained in that room by the best VF member @Mouse I went through every type of training procedure, I didn't even know how to do faces which was hard. So once I finished the recruit training I got promoted to 6th army and changed my name to Josh. Once I was out of the recruit room I was exploring the massive star destroyer called the ISD Chimaera. I was roaming the first floor confused and hopeless I was curious about how to get promoted or join a regiment. I went up to Joel when he was captain of stormtroopers and had a cute 212th mouse droid next to him following him around. I asked him If I can Join Stormtroopers he said yes and tried to get a hanger booked sadly couldn't get it booked in time because navy were afk and all the hangers were booked, So I logged off for the night to go have dinner. The following day I hopped on to see if I can still join the regiment, But I was approached by Second lieutenant curly from 96th Nova division asking if I wanted to join I said yes of course since I really was eager to join a regiment, So he set up a tryout we started on faces and as for me I forgot how to do them from yesterday. So he taught me them and I relearnt them, Then Climbswep I was clueless what this was, I was never taught it so I tried and failed. Once I finished the tryout somehow I got in! So I started as a Nova private, I was told what to do as a nova trooper and learned the basics. I was told to offer and guard IHC. I did so by trying to guard as best as I can of IHC. This is how I started off on the server and I will be missing IG. I might come back but who knows.

     @Mouse Was the one that trained me as a recruit when she was only a WOII @Curly Was the one that helped me get into a regiment and learn what to do on IG. @Binny Was the one that taught me how to do climbswep. @Clover Was the one that taught me to be a sweaty pro trooper.

    So I thank you all for showing me how good IG is, and it will be always be a server I remember and I wish you a great 2021 IG!

    Sadly it is my time to leave and I hope to come back sometime goodbye guys [:

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  2. 14 minutes ago, crofty said:

    ok, my bad. i was told by someone (who i cant remember) that it does state on your handbook that. If it doesn't, you should seriously add it.

    Really before you make a controversial forums post research about what your gonna say. Have you ever been in Medics before no, Have you used the equipment before no, Do you know what the 23rd Medical Company are supposed to do as a medic, No. You are expected to do your job and I don't think you know what our job is since you haven't been a medic before nor researched it.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Combat Healing is a common known rule amongst the Medical Company

    From my time being a medic I've looked at all the medical rules and it doesn't even state it on the medical handbook nor anything else. And hasn't been enforced by our legion commander and AHC or our commander. 

    26 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Yes, your job is to medically assist troopers, in or out of battle. But thinking that it is okay to risk your life just to save someone who is wounded with no cover between them and the enemies is absurd

    It legit our job to risk our lives to save others that is the point. Let's say this the emperor or someone important or somewhat is just a trooper we will risk our lives to save them.

    27 minutes ago, crofty said:

    You can save tons of lives, why run into battle to save one when you can wait until these enemies are dealt with?

    The reason is legit because 



    28 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Everyone pushed in and when some died right in front of me, I saw a medic who I won't name revive the person, where i had a point blank shot at them.

    Of course your gonna push in with them because your a frontline medic which has just been ordered to push in and we pushed in and did our job to revive and heal people but with not healing the enemies. We place others over ourselves.  


    46 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Medics use bacta bombs either in combat or/and in range of an enemy where they could possibly be healed. Now you can't pull the "it's our job" excuse because it isn't your job to heal the enemy, that would be treason.

    If we do this, it usually barely happens we either do it out of mistake and if done on purpose like saying "oh I'm gonna heal the enemy" is really bad thing to do and punishment will acquire them and will get a regiment warning and a AOS. The range on the bacta gnade is so huge sometimes it's a bit hard to tell how far to throw it in the first place.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Binny said:

    @Josh1. You haven’t been in Storm Commandos, so how would you know what they do.

    2. All of the 501st are doing EXTREMELY well. There is literally no need to change anything about it.

    3. They have a lot of people in it. They are actually very active. Doing a lot better than most regiments :eyes:


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