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  1. 14 minutes ago, crofty said:

    ok, my bad. i was told by someone (who i cant remember) that it does state on your handbook that. If it doesn't, you should seriously add it.

    Really before you make a controversial forums post research about what your gonna say. Have you ever been in Medics before no, Have you used the equipment before no, Do you know what the 23rd Medical Company are supposed to do as a medic, No. You are expected to do your job and I don't think you know what our job is since you haven't been a medic before nor researched it.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Combat Healing is a common known rule amongst the Medical Company

    From my time being a medic I've looked at all the medical rules and it doesn't even state it on the medical handbook nor anything else. And hasn't been enforced by our legion commander and AHC or our commander. 

    26 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Yes, your job is to medically assist troopers, in or out of battle. But thinking that it is okay to risk your life just to save someone who is wounded with no cover between them and the enemies is absurd

    It legit our job to risk our lives to save others that is the point. Let's say this the emperor or someone important or somewhat is just a trooper we will risk our lives to save them.

    27 minutes ago, crofty said:

    You can save tons of lives, why run into battle to save one when you can wait until these enemies are dealt with?

    The reason is legit because 



    28 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Everyone pushed in and when some died right in front of me, I saw a medic who I won't name revive the person, where i had a point blank shot at them.

    Of course your gonna push in with them because your a frontline medic which has just been ordered to push in and we pushed in and did our job to revive and heal people but with not healing the enemies. We place others over ourselves.  


    46 minutes ago, crofty said:

    Medics use bacta bombs either in combat or/and in range of an enemy where they could possibly be healed. Now you can't pull the "it's our job" excuse because it isn't your job to heal the enemy, that would be treason.

    If we do this, it usually barely happens we either do it out of mistake and if done on purpose like saying "oh I'm gonna heal the enemy" is really bad thing to do and punishment will acquire them and will get a regiment warning and a AOS. The range on the bacta gnade is so huge sometimes it's a bit hard to tell how far to throw it in the first place.


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  3. 2 hours ago, Binny said:

    @Josh1. You haven’t been in Storm Commandos, so how would you know what they do.

    2. All of the 501st are doing EXTREMELY well. There is literally no need to change anything about it.

    3. They have a lot of people in it. They are actually very active. Doing a lot better than most regiments :eyes:


  4. 46 minutes ago, Setsuna said:

    but removing them would remove one of the last remaining recon regiments.

    Maybe I was wrong but these are all just ideas. But the first thing I would like to say storm commandos is a 15 slot Regiment and They don't have many people in it probably because it needs more RP and New flow of New stuff to excite people. I know you got a new sniper and that's great but I think we need something new in regiments to make it more interesting because right now theres nothing really to do in storm commandos. ( Just my opinion ) 


    11 hours ago, Phobia said:

    Army rn its just a simple run and gun ah yes we have a under ship bang bang oh ppl over their bang bang or a npc  pew pew oh npc's are over there, then after the event army just go and do nothing other then like shock which can do Sec matters. 


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  5. Even though this suggestion I'm making has nothing to do with the questions I think it will help army to be more popular. 

    The first think I would like to say is to remove Shadow in the 275th And Make it Scar a small 6 person regiment that everyone would love to be in. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Special_Commando_Advanced_Recon_trooper

    2nd Regiment is to remove Storm Commandos and add something new that will be popular (Nothing against the people in the Regiment) It will be great to see a new regiment that is active.

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  6. 1. Co's and 2ICs getting tools makes no sense because why would a CO and 2IC have tools and spawn in sh*t during a battle and has no lore sense for a CO to have building powers always.

    2. Also it ruins the point of having engineers because then anyone could spawn in props and build anywhere that is a CO or 2IC.

    3. CL2+ Can ask for tools by putting .@ in chat and using them for a valid reason.

    4. With Perma tools you could easily abuse them at softrp hours and Serious RP and Can cause a server crash. 

    -1 From me.

    2 minutes ago, Clover said:
      33 minutes ago, Mauler said:

    I recommend instead of giving CO/2IC tools, you just have a builder rank that people can apply for, it's not an application like PAC/Staff that stays up for years but rather, up for a couple days, gets voted by Staff and accepted by Admin+ or something. If they abuse it, they lose builder, easy as.

    This is a way better example.

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