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  1. I would like to start this off that I'm leaving the server from this time and date and I might hop on once in a while. While I'm here this is what I want to say I have been in many regiments and every one of them gave me great experience on learning how to help a regiment in a way and trying to help others. I first started off as a simple little recruit in the recruit room on a stormy night. I heard gunshots and Tiefighters from outside the ship, I even saw rebels killing stormtroopers defending the recruit room area. It was an Immersive server that I stumbled apon and I wanted to see mo
  2. Free my boy printer!

  3. I would honestly join scar if they added that back....
  4. Congrats to all the people that get the awards in 2 weeks and 3 days!
  5. Does cheese, smell like cheese anymore? cheese eating GIF by Chipotle Mexican Grill

  6. @DeltaI will transfer it tomorrow for you.
  7. Congrats to @Delta for winning the challenge. | 10k Creds will be transferred to you shortly |
  8. So I have made my own little bunk halloween decoration and I wanted to see if anyone else has any too! Here's mine VVV. Best decoration gets 10k creds!
  9. The new meeting I could not post since most of the video was corrupted. I also heard people speaking about the old meeting and here it is. Feel free to post the new meeting below!
  10. And the FlameTrooper Model used for EVO Heavy troopers.
  11. Hey they forgot to add the Grand RK-3 and Inner circle weapons!
  12. Really before you make a controversial forums post research about what your gonna say. Have you ever been in Medics before no, Have you used the equipment before no, Do you know what the 23rd Medical Company are supposed to do as a medic, No. You are expected to do your job and I don't think you know what our job is since you haven't been a medic before nor researched it.
  13. From my time being a medic I've looked at all the medical rules and it doesn't even state it on the medical handbook nor anything else. And hasn't been enforced by our legion commander and AHC or our commander. It legit our job to risk our lives to save others that is the point. Let's say this the emperor or someone important or somewhat is just a trooper we will risk our lives to save them. The reason is legit because Of course your gonna push in with them because your a frontline medic which has just been ordered to push in and we pushed in and did our job to revi
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