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  1. 27 minutes ago, Cozmo said:

    Anyone know any good Videos I can watch to make cool star wars maps on hammer I am very interested.

    Personally I recommend watching 
    Tophattwaffle >> https://www.youtube.com/user/rocketrascal34
    3kliksphilip >> https://www.youtube.com/user/3kliksphilip

    But I personally started with 
    Weasel Level Design >> https://www.youtube.com/user/unbrokenjack

    TBH how I got somewhat good at Hammer was designing rooms, buildings n stuff (mainly because I was thinking about becoming an Architect) which would be deleted after a few hours until I got something I really liked. It really teaches you a lot because you recognize stuff you can do differently and more effectively because you've already made the mistakes previously.


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    • What Part of the community are you from?
      Imperial RP Server
    • Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE):
      Hammer (not really a language but is used in mapping)
      I learned a bit of Python a long time ago and started again about a month ago.
    • What type of content do you want to create for our server?
      I would like the opportunity to create custom maps for the server, at the moment I am working on rp_lothal (the first of its kind) for the Imperial RP server designed specifically for the players on the server. Any rooms that you may need converted into custom props (to reduce lag) I would be happy to create for anyone that requests it. At the current time I have already created a custom Throne Room for the server (showcased below)
    • Have you made any other scripts or content we should know about?
      I have a couple projects I created in my spare time which was a remaster of rp_mygeeto which I do not believe I will be releasing as I am missing a lot of textures and I also started work on a new Tatooine map which I ended up stopping to work on rp_lothal.


           - Throne Room (prop) -- @Frosty__ assisted me with the technical side of this




           - rp_mygeeto (revamp) - Dev textures were used for these pictures as I lost the original textures.




            - Tatooine Map (unfinished)




           - rp_lothal (work in progress)




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  2. I forgot this area of the base...
    This shall be where the messhall / arcade area lies. It may be subject to change. (Yes those are two of the elevators -- placeholder white texture)



    24 minutes ago, Welly said:

    RIP vaders chambers I guess (unless I just didn't see correctly).

    Also that redacted room kinda making me interested on what's inside :eyes:

    Vaders Chambers will most likely be in another area of the map, depending on Gusky.
    also you shall never see that room... 

    31 minutes ago, Xavier said:

    When palpatine has a smaller room then his guards


    His room is the same size as the inner circle meeting room, it's just a bit covered by the 2nd floor.

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