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  1. Rules:

    There are none, if you wish to work together with anyone else you may do so.

    Split the prize how many ways you see fit.

    You are allowed to change your guesses but do not spam multiple posts

    Obviously abide by Forum rules.


    There is no closing time as of yet.

    Keep an eye out for hints!


    Guess the phrase or word(s) and reply in the comments with your guess and in game name.



    First Clue:

    497 is a timely number.

    Second Clue:

    Roses are red,

    violets are blue,

    killing unarmed civilians is something only savages would do.

    Clue #3

    All shadows have reason.

    Clue #4 - I thought the last one would give it away.

    Running after something is a great thing when others can't catch up.

  2. -1. On a server this large allowing people to freely spawn props would definitely result in many, many more crashes. People already are known to abuse tools given to them via @ chat so I just don't believe this is a good idea. It takes 2 seconds to submit a ticket. This way Staff can actually moderate how many props are on the server at any given time etc.

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