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  1. Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the arrival of the 275th Flame Troopers to the Imperial Star Destroyer.

    This is a Six (6) slot Company which consists of these ranks, weapons and HP...

    Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel,
    T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 225 HP

    Second Lieutenant to Major,
    T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 200 HP

    Sergeant to Warrant Officer I,
    T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 175 HP

    Private First Class to Corporal,
    T-21,          Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 150 HP

    T-21,                                           Cryothrower - 150 HP


    Hope everyone has a lovely night and are excited for tomorrow :)

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      7 Weeks, 1 Day, 13 Hours.
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      I should be trusted with PAC3, mainly because I already have it and have shown restraint in using it to minge around or abuse in any way shape or form. I'm currently a developer so I already do things for the server and have already become trusted within the community as a whole, not just on the server.
    • Why do you want access to PAC3?
      I am currently applying for PAC Tier 1 in order to apply for PAC Tier 2 in the near future. This would allow me to gain access to other methods of creating custom designs for my character improving the Roleplay I can generate and how I play the game.
    • Why do you believe you deserve PAC3?
      I believe I should have proper PAC3 so I can keep doing what I am currently doing as it doesn't really affect me currently but having that gate into Tier 2 would help a lot. Like stated above I have already gained a status in the community and have gained the trust factor as well.
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  2. +1. I'm all for second chances if it was indeed for MassRDM, it isn't the worst thing anyone can do and at most it sets people back like 3 minutes. I don't know if you were trying to bypass the ban with malicious intent but I still like second chances.

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  3. Answer quote was "Keep up you weaklings!" spoken by Savage Opress.

    First Clue:

    497 is a timely number.

    > 497 seconds (8m 17s)

    Second Clue:

    Roses are red,

    violets are blue,

    killing unarmed civilians is something only savages would do.

    > "Savage" (Opress) and doing the action too.

    Clue #3

    All shadows have reason.
    > Clue to the title of the episode "Shades of Reason"

    Clue #4 - I thought the last one would give it away.

    Running after something is a great thing when others can't catch up.

    > Clue to the words spoken "Keep up you weaklings!"

    Clue #5

    5... 10... 15... 20... 25...

    S... ... E... ... ...
    > Season 5 Episode 15 (Of the Clone Wars)

  4. 1 hour ago, CurlyGeorge51 said:

    When the Black Sun and Pyke clan attempted to take over 'Sundari', and also killing innocent police and civilians during their attack?

    This occurs in S5, E15

    Running after the dark saber? Idk this one had me clueless


    Shadow Collective perhaps? Or maybe because the episode is called 'Shades of Reason'?

    The 'savages' being the Pyke clan and the Black Sun, kill unarmed civilians in their attack.

    - Curly :)

    I'm looking for a phrase :)

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