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  1. I'm going to work hard on making rp_lothal more stable. I promise you all. I shall not reveal any release date to prevent stress. <3 you all. Also, ignore the "kill" part... I promise I'm not mad...
  2. Working on Movie CGI, Special FX, Modelling, Animation etc. Seems like fun.
  3. -1 dude idk who you are, kinda weird applying No but, +1 obviously let him back into the dev team, will always actually do stuff when requested.
  4. -1. On a server this large allowing people to freely spawn props would definitely result in many, many more crashes. People already are known to abuse tools given to them via @ chat so I just don't believe this is a good idea. It takes 2 seconds to submit a ticket. This way Staff can actually moderate how many props are on the server at any given time etc.
  5. Have I posted here before? Idk... Good guy, good pac ideas +1 btw
  6. Massive +1, your pacs are nice and clean
  7. Greetings people. I, Lily C. Velus would like to invite you into our family document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UfikSXr2xHXPb3joFi7IbwZY2Ods9SFIyECwzXX4CzQ/edit?usp=sharing Gaze upon our mighty forces, tremble in fear.
  8. Big +1 Great guy, horrible duelist though
  9. I made a few TTT ones but nothing really special.
  10. Massive +1, impressions are on point btw edit: didn't notice the interview comment above ^^ eeeeee
  11. this was the most annoying thing ever to be experienced
  12. 15 seconds in he says "No one is sick, oh my-"
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