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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890036049 May be a different version but same layout.
  2. Cracked

    hello there

    Accepted, welcome to the 82nd. Welcome back though.
  3. We should set up a button to explode the entire base in that one room aye?
  4. I forgot this area of the base... This shall be where the messhall / arcade area lies. It may be subject to change. (Yes those are two of the elevators -- placeholder white texture) Vaders Chambers will most likely be in another area of the map, depending on Gusky. also you shall never see that room... His room is the same size as the inner circle meeting room, it's just a bit covered by the 2nd floor.
  5. This part was great tbh alt.mp4
  6. If anyone has any requests to what they wanna see on the map let us know
  7. Cracked


    I'm not really anybody but heyo.
  8. I was in your regiment for a few days and we never really talked much but you seemed like a good guy. I hope everything turns out great in the future. Mental problems can be a real pain in the ass but always know that it's gonna get better no matter what you're dealing with.
  9. can we get another hint at the dunesea?
  10. The lambda over the sand looks badass when escorted by a tie though
  11. Looks respectable
  12. I'm a real girl ;)

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