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  1. im already best dev of the current year
  2. If you vote the factions server 25 times in a row ill give you Experimental Unit

  3. Follow me on the forums and i'll give you 1 billion credits in game

    1. Jozo


      Wheres my 1 billion credits broski :(

    2. Anthony


      ill take my billion xoxo

  4. starting to think this whole jugger x kolto thing isn't roleplay
  5. +support everyone deserves chances. I hope you get back in and have some fun. Everyone has pretty much summed it all up as well.
  6. Yeah I did. Excellent work developers. I always enjoy seeing what comes next.
  7. Ive never failed or made mistakes, yeah im pretty cool
  8. The final Velus falls
  9. Didn't even mention me, your best friend and mentor... I won't forget this... cya dude hope you have fun elsewhere
  10. Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the arrival of the 275th Flame Troopers to the Imperial Star Destroyer. This is a Six (6) slot Company which consists of these ranks, weapons and HP... Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel, T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 225 HP Second Lieutenant to Major, T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 200 HP Sergeant to Warrant Officer I, T-21, E-44, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 175 HP Private First Class to Corporal, T-21, Imperial Incinerator, Cryothrower - 150 HP Private, T-21,
  11. @Mongo Make your footstep sounds into jingle bells
  12. Shout out to all my followers 

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