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  1. So obviously there's been a misconvinience.

    I was warned for "Fail Rp | DC to avoid arrest | Mingey", but I can easily explain.

    I've made a post a while ago talking about my crashing issue. I posted this thread because when I was "AOS'd" my game had crashed and I had no idea of me being warned. I have no idea about the mingey part, I entirely forgot. 


    Essentially I just want my warning removed because the crash was out of my hand. 

    I'm not sure where to appeal warnings, soz if this is the wrong catergory.

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    -First two questions-

    Aim for concision(shortness).

    -Why are you applying to be an EM?-

    I’m not exactly sure what was your key point here but you’re clearly orbiting around the significance of an EM. What I’m absorbing from your response is that you’ve adopted a sort of spokesperson perspective, representing the EM’s. I would rather enjoy reading the direct impact an EM has on you, not the impacts on the community and others. In all honesty, I don’t like this response- your attitude is too self-centered. Using “I” frequently is supposed to be paired with personal influences, not collective impacts/movements. Your points are also relatively weak, read it and you’ll see that it does not address the question to yourself but instead to the community-> what I mean is that you’re interpreting the question like this: “What are the impacts of EM on the community”. However, it’s good to see an attempt of profound research into this role.

    -What can you bring to the staff team?-

    Again, you are merely skidding on the question. Keywords are “what” and “you”. You may address ‘you’ in some questions, but you’re not addressing “what”. “What” essentially means explain and provide evidence, you just bring up past experience with crafting events. I find it vexing to see people state they’ll stop any “groaning and complaining”, but you don’t exactly tell me how. This is like a School Captain speech, utterly exaggerated. You need to stop attempting to lean towards your past experience as a leading argument, it’s not good enough, you need to foreshadow ideas from your two events. Likewise again, your attitude is pretty arrogant. Aim for your skills/qualifications, not just your past. Saying that you “will give it your all” is not good enough.

    -What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative?-

    This is better, you should’ve incorporated your points in here in your skills/qualification, this question is stupid and is a repeat of the previous one. If you do utilise any of my feedback, remember to make it coherent and clear.



    Starting off your event struggles with the bridge between imagination and practicality. Essentially your key parts in the event are imaginative. Having players pretend this equipment is defective as well as damaging to the ear it pretty far fetched. You also have potential medical troopers that are completely shitfaced by this. Then you attempt to twist the event with the equipment being disguised murder weapons, but who honestly cares? Unless troopers are dying(which I’m assuming was not your plan) spontaneously, then it has no entertainment value.

    Then ISB/Navy would be told to track down it’s exported location, yadi yadi yah. You fight rebels, the end.

    1. Why would the rebels take such a risk in delivering equipment to the Empire, knowing that they’re trackable? I don’t think you’ve considered the logic needed to make a sensible event.

    2. The only time the entirety of the server is involved is when they obtain their equipment and when they fight rebels. How do you expect the server to roleplay ear rape?

    3. This doesn’t sound like a realistic method of attack from rebels. I don’t know, hearing damage that results in death doesn’t sound realistic. Whatever.

    This plot seems pretty far-fetched from its roots, this is Empire vs Rebels, not techno-terrorist vs society. I don’t enjoy this event, it’s just the idea that it doesn’t feel authentic in the Star Wars Universe. It also evidently results in another pvp brawl which is pretty cliche. I don’t mind pvp brawls, it’s just how you brought up this battle is pretty poor in my opinion.

    Try to maintain on the lines of SWRP and try not to make pretend rp a large part in your event. If I were Navy or an Engineer, I wouldn’t enjoy being forced into pretending. Who knows, it’s up to the community really.



    No, this is awful, I’m sorry but it has to be said. YOU CAN’T MAKE AN EVENT ENTERTAINING IF IT’S CONFINED BETWEEN NAVY/ISB AND ANOTHER RP CHARACTER. This seems to be opposite of your statement of saying that your events aren’t created for yourself. I’m assuming you would be this “Spymaster”, seems pretty contradictory. Your beginning of Part 2 is not necessarily bad, it’s just not fun. Imagine you being excluded from a major part of an event. And besides, not everything has to do with the Navy/ISB. These regiments are just intelligence, not like the FBI or CIA… Also having a ship battle seems pretty unperformable, I’ve never seen a ship battle pulled off successfully.

    Ok, you’re clearly struggling with the idea of film and garry’s mod. Your plot may be successful in a film, but definitely not in a G-Mod server. No way could this be fun to watch on a video game. Your event is more of which a protagonist vs antagonist.

    Overall, I didn’t like this application. Your attitude emits arrogance and you fail to uphold your statements. You need to alter your writing to be less monumental(not like a Presidency speech) and you have to rewrite your entire event. I guarantee this would not be enjoyable to make and to play. You will not end the “groaning and complaining” with this event. I’m sorry, but I just have to say it. I don't think you should be in the Event Master team.

  3. After coming back to Imperial and having updated to the most recent addons, everytime I would join, I would crash. The text that pops up after crashing would say "not enough memory". I've uninstalled and reinstalled all addons but it seems to not work. I DON'T WANT THE SOLUTION TO BE ME BUYING RAM OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT-> THIS KIND OF STUFF IS BEYOND MY REACH. Thanks

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  4. -First two simple yes/no questions-

    Good! You don’t bunch up in the heard of sheep that believe longer sentences = increased success. Short and clear answers are always better than long and unnecessary paragraphs.

    -Why are you applying for event master?-

    Fucken great! You’ve highlighted the main points that encourage your pursuit into desiring this role. It’s great that you can briefly but yet clearly express the significance of a singular individual/event, essentially underlining the cause and effect. You're consistent on the idea that Event Staff is not a personal desire, it’s a communal entertainment which I find awesome. Often applicants deviate from the question and start hindering how it could benefit themselves, but you remain enlightening. Good work! B+

    -What can you bring to the Event Master Team?-

    Here is where shit hits the fan. You’ve started off strong and positive, but then you struggle to extract monumental ideas from these questions. Yes, activity is helpful, but it’s really the skills you can bring to the team is what makes you stand out. Briefly stating creativity is not a qualification, it’s more of an introspective standpoint. At least you’ve coherently delivered your points, good.

    -What can you do to make events more enjoyable and innovative:-

    I like how you criticise the current EM team, it good to show that you analyse. However, you more of which argue more against the current team than actually address the question. Yes, you introduce your ideas of how you’ll successfully make events more successful, but ironically all these ideas you’ve stated have already been used. I think you’ve somewhat mentioned that events repeat after itself, totally fair, G-Mod is only so limited. But you crumble your starting argument by concluding with contradiction. You also spelled “thriller” wrong in your first sentence.



    It’s great that you’ve fluently and clearly delivered your plot, but this is where it begins to hurt.

    Ok, it’s extremely hard to fill-in players of the engaging plot, it’s almost impossible to make it actively clear. Most events struggle to maintain this plot, often with active shooting, players mindset deviate from the plot. Your event seems to be an infiltration of a minority group who betrays the Empire through a premeditated attack on the Empire’s achilles heel. You struggle with the idea that a SWRP plot is similar to an actual film plot. These plots can’t pair together, why? Because you can’t introduce persona’s into a G-mod server within 30min events where players don’t even explicitly engage with plot/characters; it’s more of which just combat.  

    Now you’ve utterly contradicted yourself by not incorporating “regiments that usually don't get much time in the spotlight”, but instead confining it between ISB. Bombs also obstruct the majority of the player base.

    I’m not going to bother reading the transcript as it is unnecessary.



    I like this plotline; the Imperial Army fence rides the domestic conflict of three parties, evidently exterminating 1 and deciding whether to kill the lasting 2. This idea is much better than your first. You’ve captured the idea of being an Imperial, willing to conquer with force. I think this plot will more easier to deliever to the players; it’s merely just 2 steps. I’ve never seen more creativity in applications in my experience writing these responses, you’ve enlightened me with ideas that are truely fascinating. You should’ve elaborated further on your creativity in the questions because this is one of your strongest skills.


    Overall, really good, I couldn’t think of a reason to dislike this application. Goodluck.


    -First three questions-

    I hope you realise these three questions are YES/NO; if Yes, you explain upon them, but if No, just say no. I wonder why the need to extend upon ‘no’, show that you’re not self-conscious of your intellect by exhibiting concision.

    -What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server:-

    Starting off with the identification of the roles/responsibilities of a Moderator, good. But here is where you deviate from the focal point and crumble your persuasive tone.

    First, your grammar. I hope you can see that using ‘,’ incorrectly may jeopardise your chances of being accepted, such as you frequently capitalising the next letter after a comma. -> poor english looks bad in resumes.



    And ‘.’ instead of ‘,’ and don’t list out ideas, expand upon them. Atleast you’ve clearly identified your points- Keep all players in line, no mingy people, help out anyone in need of assistance, etc. Good, but again, the grammatical tone you express further damages your chances.

    Overall, I can see that it’s hard to sway off cliche, but you at least identifying the roles/responsibilities which directly addresses the question is good enough for me. All I recommend is to fix up on grammar and fluency, I guarantee you’ll have a persuasive text.


    -Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator:-

    This is ‘okay’. I like how you’ve shown your appreciation for the community and its opportunities, but it’s so bland. I think references of significant experiences on your server will help alot; the question is asking about YOU, so talking about your journeys. And again, grammar. 

    -What do you believe you can bring to the staff team-

    Again, this is ‘okay’. Grammar here is much better, and it’s good you’ve expressed your points- you’re active, friendly, hardworking, etc. Essentially you’re saying you can provide opportunity, but I would always like a measurement of how you can exhibit your skills/qualifications. Such as how many hours? Where do you think you stand in the community? Etc.


    This application is pretty standard, I think it’s fair enough to get in. But there are two worlds that differ you from your application; how you perform in the community and how well you showcase your mindset. I would like to see grammatical changes and maybe alterations to sentences to make it more persuasive.


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  6. @Mauler  

    12 minutes ago, Mauler said:

    However, if the RDM/Murder cannot be dealt with in RP without Metagaming, it will be brought to admins who will typically warn the target for RDM.

    I don't understand what you're trying to say. Are you trying to tell me that my argument would cause problems? are you explaining the outcomes of RDM? I'm confused.


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  7. Hi, It's good old Bearmax ready to make another post! Embrace yourself as we embark into a journey of **CHANGE**

    Coming back from my 1 Year hibernation, I've come back as a ST with high hopes for this server; the amount of players in comparison to the past is astonishing.

    On the 9/11/18, I shot a DeathTrooper named "Rhino" who was attempting to arrest me and my friend, "ST Gylfi". The pursuit was admirable, thrilled with adrenaline with rebellious poses on my faces. We were next in line for a promotion but the DeathTrooper was corrupt and was in bloodlust for ST's behind bars. He must've been on acid from what I've seen.

    But straight to the point- during the pursuit, me and Gylfi ran inside an elevator then the DT ran inside aswell, still determined to arrest us. In the confined tight space, me and Gylfi had 2 options; fight or flight. There was 0 room, we were bound to being arrested unless the DT was removed from the elevator. So we shot & killed him... 


    Basically, the main issue I have here is that I was brought into a 20min long sit, discussing how I "RDM'd" Rhino. Even though, considering the circumstances, me and Gylfi only retaliated when we were at the edge of being arrested- a valid reason for self defence. Atfirst according to Trial Moderator Planz & Moderator Marlu, I've enacted RDM even though I've invoked to them my valid reason to kill. Apperently they told me that shooting Troopers is against the rules regardless(unless they shoot you) and is considered RDM. I argued my POV, deeming that my killing was not RDM and had valid roleplay stemmed from the situation.

    Expose the anachrinim 'RDM', it states "Random Deathmatch". In no way shape or form was my killing random, it was purely done in self defence and a last resort to escape custody.

    I managed to argue myself out of being warned(tryna keep my warns clean), envoking that there is absolutely 0 clarification in the server rulesI've skimmed through the rules, just seeing that Whitey just abbrieviated "No RDM, No FailRp, No NLR, Etc." What I find troubling is that I think both players & staff find it difficult to distinguish the rules violated in scenarios as my own. You can't inflict warnings towards players when your judgement towards the server rules is entirely subjective to it's meaning. 

    RDM by itself is somewhat clarified - it means that you can't perform a massive spree of killing without valid rp stemmed. Simple, but in my case scenario 2 members deemed it as RDM.

    My suggestion is to clarify in my debt of the rules. Also you can't catergorise situations similar to my own as "RDM". If the Community Manager does not want players consistently killing one another, even if valid rp is initiated, then make a seperate rule stating: 

    "It's prohibited to retaliate towards other players with lethal force, even if a roleplay scenario as stemmed for the lethal action. Of course if a player endangers/harms you, you are exempt from this rule. Exemption also includes KOS"

    To dumb down my entire suggestion, all I ask is for futher depth into the definition of said rules. 


    I'll gladly respond to any questions in the comments below.


    - Yours truely, the Death Response~

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  8. this is so trash

    1/ 2 Lines, 2 Points, 2 words.                     FIX IT

    2/ Mature & Unbiased, aswell as active. Yippy!  *scrolls through rejected & accepted applications*       Sorry, 

    -2771 Hrs on Gmod

    -God knows weeks on the server

    -Experience in judging applications on the forums

    & You still couldn't come up with more than 2 points that have the value burnt out of it?

    4/ -Maturity & Dedication- Did you just repeat yourself after question 2?

    +1 You're a nut head, but honestly it doesn't matter nowadays how good your application is.

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    Bomb 1: 8-5 9-19 2-5-20-18-1-25-9-14-7 25-15-21

    Bomb 2:1-4-13-9-18-1-12 2-25-5-1-12-9-14 9-19 1 20-18-1-9-20-15-18

    Bomb 3: 4-9-4 25-15-21 5-14-10-15-25 13-25 5-22-5-14-20

    are u serious?

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