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    Warnining Appeal

    So obviously there's been a misconvinience. I was warned for "Fail Rp | DC to avoid arrest | Mingey", but I can easily explain. I've made a post a while ago talking about my crashing issue. I posted this thread because when I was "AOS'd" my game had crashed and I had no idea of me being warned. I have no idea about the mingey part, I entirely forgot. Essentially I just want my warning removed because the crash was out of my hand. I'm not sure where to appeal warnings, soz if this is the wrong catergory.
  2. Bearmax

    Game Keeps Crashing

    After coming back to Imperial and having updated to the most recent addons, everytime I would join, I would crash. The text that pops up after crashing would say "not enough memory". I've uninstalled and reinstalled all addons but it seems to not work. I DON'T WANT THE SOLUTION TO BE ME BUYING RAM OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT-> THIS KIND OF STUFF IS BEYOND MY REACH. Thanks
  3. @EclipseI said that me and my friend were in pursuit of being arrested. When we were confined in a tight space, we instantly knew that we'd easily be cuffed. So we responded with lethals. Defending myself from being held against my will & jailtime is a valid rp reason.
  4. @Mauler I don't understand what you're trying to say. Are you trying to tell me that my argument would cause problems? are you explaining the outcomes of RDM? I'm confused.
  5. Hi, It's good old Bearmax ready to make another post! Embrace yourself as we embark into a journey of **CHANGE** Coming back from my 1 Year hibernation, I've come back as a ST with high hopes for this server; the amount of players in comparison to the past is astonishing. On the 9/11/18, I shot a DeathTrooper named "Rhino" who was attempting to arrest me and my friend, "ST Gylfi". The pursuit was admirable, thrilled with adrenaline with rebellious poses on my faces. We were next in line for a promotion but the DeathTrooper was corrupt and was in bloodlust for ST's behind bars. He mus
  6. Bearmax has been the biggest minge in Imperial Gaming History. BUT.. he has some benefits, like... like.. li.. umm? Wut?
  7. A T L E A S T Y O U T R I E D
  8. damm so many staff resigned
  9. I have warframe.....
  10. can't ever put in pictures useless
  11. Bearmax

    Event Pictures

    i dont get it
  12. have you ever put your tongue in a charging port? it stings like repetitive Rebel events
  14. Clone wars...........Bro Execute Order 66
  15. 2:51 there is a baby in the bottom left corner
  16. Looks dope. But who'd still want to be a Snow Trooper? It's ST's with extra clothes.
  17. You said "What" twice. IDK If that was intentional
  18. Please provide screenshots. People of the Imperial Gaming Community will help where they are capable of preforming. For now, please be patient and your aid will be given the proper attention it deserves I strongly suggest making a support ticket. Glad to see that you are willing to go through your way to come to the forums/community to seek help.
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