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  1. Bearmax

    Warnining Appeal

    So obviously there's been a misconvinience. I was warned for "Fail Rp | DC to avoid arrest | Mingey", but I can easily explain. I've made a post a while ago talking about my crashing issue. I posted this thread because when I was "AOS'd" my game had crashed and I had no idea of me being warned. I have no idea about the mingey part, I entirely forgot. Essentially I just want my warning removed because the crash was out of my hand. I'm not sure where to appeal warnings, soz if this is the wrong catergory.
  2. -First two questions- Aim for concision(shortness). -Why are you applying to be an EM?- I’m not exactly sure what was your key point here but you’re clearly orbiting around the significance of an EM. What I’m absorbing from your response is that you’ve adopted a sort of spokesperson perspective, representing the EM’s. I would rather enjoy reading the direct impact an EM has on you, not the impacts on the community and others. In all honesty, I don’t like this response- your attitude is too self-centered. Using “I” frequently is supposed to be paired with personal influences, not
  3. Bearmax

    Game Keeps Crashing

    After coming back to Imperial and having updated to the most recent addons, everytime I would join, I would crash. The text that pops up after crashing would say "not enough memory". I've uninstalled and reinstalled all addons but it seems to not work. I DON'T WANT THE SOLUTION TO BE ME BUYING RAM OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT-> THIS KIND OF STUFF IS BEYOND MY REACH. Thanks
  4. -First two simple yes/no questions- Good! You don’t bunch up in the heard of sheep that believe longer sentences = increased success. Short and clear answers are always better than long and unnecessary paragraphs. -Why are you applying for event master?- Fucken great! You’ve highlighted the main points that encourage your pursuit into desiring this role. It’s great that you can briefly but yet clearly express the significance of a singular individual/event, essentially underlining the cause and effect. You're consistent on the idea that Event Staff is not a personal desire, it’s
  5. -First three questions- I hope you realise these three questions are YES/NO; if Yes, you explain upon them, but if No, just say no. I wonder why the need to extend upon ‘no’, show that you’re not self-conscious of your intellect by exhibiting concision. -What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server:- Starting off with the identification of the roles/responsibilities of a Moderator, good. But here is where you deviate from the focal point and crumble your persuasive tone. First, your grammar. I hope you can see that using ‘,’ incorrectly may jeopardise you
  6. @EclipseI said that me and my friend were in pursuit of being arrested. When we were confined in a tight space, we instantly knew that we'd easily be cuffed. So we responded with lethals. Defending myself from being held against my will & jailtime is a valid rp reason.
  7. @Mauler I don't understand what you're trying to say. Are you trying to tell me that my argument would cause problems? are you explaining the outcomes of RDM? I'm confused.
  8. Hi, It's good old Bearmax ready to make another post! Embrace yourself as we embark into a journey of **CHANGE** Coming back from my 1 Year hibernation, I've come back as a ST with high hopes for this server; the amount of players in comparison to the past is astonishing. On the 9/11/18, I shot a DeathTrooper named "Rhino" who was attempting to arrest me and my friend, "ST Gylfi". The pursuit was admirable, thrilled with adrenaline with rebellious poses on my faces. We were next in line for a promotion but the DeathTrooper was corrupt and was in bloodlust for ST's behind bars. He mus
  9. I'm overwhelmed from the amount of colors
  10. A Politically Correct +1 ghost of defb respoons
  11. this is so trash 1/ 2 Lines, 2 Points, 2 words. FIX IT 2/ Mature & Unbiased, aswell as active. Yippy! *scrolls through rejected & accepted applications* Sorry, -2771 Hrs on Gmod -God knows weeks on the server -Experience in judging applications on the forums & You still couldn't come up with more than 2 points that have the value burnt out of it? 4/ -Maturity & Dedication- Did you just repeat yourself after question 2? +1 You're a nut head, but honestly it doesn't matter nowadays how good your application is.
  12. Bearmax has been the biggest minge in Imperial Gaming History. BUT.. he has some benefits, like... like.. li.. umm? Wut?
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