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  1. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    Pac addon broke for Gmod on my end. May of corrupted almost all my pacs on file ( woo boy... ) So if I don't post any pac images for a while ( lore friendly or cursed ) that is why... the above was a request and oddly enough the only one not to get corrupted so I put all the blame on it. Hopefully more pacs in the future ( probably not as bad as that one. )
  2. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    Lets bump this with everyone favourite content. Ģ̶̛͂̑͐Ò̵͍̤̤͕͉̳̤̖̗̭̌Ņ̴̡͍̪̪̯͙̰͈̓̑͋̉̎͊̒͠K̵͉͔̈́̾̿̓̌̑̓̑̓̕ Stuff \ Oh and the cursed is hidden below. Only for degenerates that think too far into my gonks name.
  3. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    Cant stop, will stop probably maybe not. Jawa Inquisitor May the gods spare you from his Utinni, because he wont. This one was mostly just for fun. GNK Unit-Upgrade 'Ammo Mode' Why do gonk droids have ammo? They are power droids... Gonk. Gonk. Gonk ko kyenga see.
  4. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    Damn Bubbles, back at it again with some more pacs to keep this application from becoming comatose. These ones are bit more on the insane side of the star wars universe. All droid stuff. 1. 2-1B08 "Doc Bob" The "chainsmoking" medical droid the engineers decided to program sadness into an surgical processing unit. Not too much of a fan of the surgical droids lower half or general aesthetic besides the head and hands, so giving him a more crummy surgeon vibe works. A bloody variant of the lab-coat is still in the works for after surgical failu- I mean procedures. Even g
  5. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    top text time for festive pacs. The vader is based off a lego holiday minifigure of the dark lord in an ugly sweater that somehow doesn't itch his burnt skin, while the droid is based off a droid factory figure.
  6. Merry Eventual Life Day Bottom Text
  7. More droids the better. A ship isn't complete with a english tin can.
  8. Why don't we have like, protocol droids? The ones with the buggy head like Zuckuss ( or was it 4-Lom? ) or just a c3po model of sorts. I can pull of a mean British accent. We do have a wide array of droids, but the humanoid ones are kind of stuck being security ( KX ) or Medical ( 2-1B ). A protocol droid would be great for versatility. For navy or other less combat focused settings, events since if there's a translator droid needed why not a protocol droid, or even pac with robot limbs and the like. Heck could even make a 0-0-0. You know, just a thought.
  9. Bub


    If you can translate harmonica it's a very touching tale.
  10. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    Pac-man. Horned inquisitor and Imperial IG-Unit. With pop-up hologram and spinning head (gif). Spiiiiiin. Holograms optional.
  11. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    I can't just keep doing droids, people will think I'm weird. Anyway contradicting that statement by at-least 50%, here's a Death Trooper Astromech or R2-D1E or some edgy name, and a creation of insanity that is a tusken raider inquisitor. \
  12. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    Nova & Navy. Both equipped with equally obnoxious harmonica noises.
  13. Bub

    Bub PAC3 Application

    I might be dead inside, but my app doesn't have to be. Here's some Inquisitor droid textures - For examples if droids ever attach to regiments. These one got them sith EDGE. Further textures eventually. For military or navy regiments, probably.
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