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  1. Just remember if CFP graciously returns, the harmonica will be silenced. Win -> win.
  2. You'll always be the OG/EG/RG/IG Rescue Trooper.
  3. My existence is a horrid merger of serious and semi-serious that is usually caused by power droids.
  4. ISB wouldn't be so bad if CFP returned... just saying we'd improve its reputation by at-least a decimal.
  5. This sounds like a job for the... COLATION FOR PROGRESS! Let me at them side characters or extras boyo.
  6. CFP is a regiment that requires a little bit of hand-in-hand with other regiments. Mainly best to just don't fire upon us or aos us when we try to interview you or request pictures. But whichever merger is best, if its best to add it with the Gov stuff or keep it Compnor centric, it won't hurt it either way imo.
  7. Bub

    Droids Broke

    Specifically R2-R5 units. The new loadouts have reverted the models back to the old, prop ones with no movement and incorrect scaling, infact its increased the size. THEY BIG.
  8. We had so many video ideas, interviews, on-ground battle news recordings, educational programming, all that jazz. While we didn't get to do alot, I'm glad we still tried and made one. Like even the below, while not serious, was something we did spend quite the eventful arvo on. I'd love to create a mix of more serious/lore related videos mixed with some tongue-in-cheek ones to give it some variety. Mixed on it, but I understand. CFP was taking up a-lot of room in Compforce too ( entire second floor if I remember correctly ), if brought back and given an area, mayb
  9. You can pry it from my warm, living hands because honestly I don't really mind who is in charge as long as CFP gets someone good in charge.
  10. Yeah, I'd think if a holo-broadcast option returned it shouldn't be too mandated to do it for every event. I'm sure the citizens of the galaxy wouldn't like to hear about the fifth pirate attack on the ISD this week But it would me saved for bigger events or on-ground events. Similarly with the broad-casting, I would think it might be cool to allow Event Masters to have input on that ( spit-balling it here just with ideas ), whether thats a broadcast before an event or after. Like say an Event Master wants mentions of a specific character or rebel bounty notification before said man shows
  11. Bailey was a great commander, along with Razzle in my 327th Star Corp days he's one of my favourite of those who lead me. He did his best with a regiment that isn't exactly something people would naturally joined, we're not like a cool lore regiment or badass agent regiment, we're HR, the best damn HR, but still basically HR. He had so much work and pressure on him with the new regiment, but I feel like as he mentioned, we we're bogged down with stuff and kinda became the punching bags of ( leave the punching bags regiment to the engineers, jokes jokes ) of the regiments. I don't agree w
  12. 100% agree. Big ramble time on old CFP let-sa go, I joined CFP because of my previous experiences in old star wars servers ( Looking at you Razzle ) since creating posters was something I did on their for the regiments and enjoyed to do and had an amount of experience in ISB & Navy ( I know from my outset appearance/actions as a droid it doesn't seem that way, but I've always been a crap droid and a better human ), but I will be the first to admit we did jack-of-all little of nothing and was kinda a mess. Barely used the folder of posters we made too, used the sets barely ( I cou
  13. Ey! Bring back the passive RP regiment. We'd be like the HR of Compforce, except like real HR I sell you out to the boss. But for reals, while it lasted I think CFP was a good RP regiment, great for civilian RP and the like. Passive RP too, have them invite folks onto the ship that people gotta defend during an attack or something. I think before its unceremonious demise and then continues dragging of the corpse by myself who refused to leave and now still is carrying this dead-regiment as a droid, it was going to be pretty good, and having to turn events into propaganda messages aft
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