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    Have you had any warns?

    3 warnings in total.

    1st warn was an agreement to remove all my warnings (11/08/2018)

    2nd warn was FailRP (9/11/2018)

    3rd warn was DC to avoid arrest (8/3/2020)


    Have you had any bans?

    I have received no bans to my knowledge.


    Why do you want to join the Media Team?

    I want to enhance my experience in the server, giving me a new job to do. I also want to put my skills in use, as I am currently studying film, television and new media at school. By joining the media team, I would be able to get more experience with filming and editing, which would benefit me while also benefiting the server. Media has always interested me, and my dream future job of game designer involves media, so I will ensure that I put effort in to everything I do, and anything I make will be to the best of my ability. I am also interested in building filming sets, and anything that may be related to the film I may be making.


    What asset in the media team do you wish to prioritise?

    I will be able to fill any of these rolls, but preferably filmer and set designer, but if an editor is required, I might be able to step up and fill the role.


    Do you have any evidence of your work?

    I do not have any evidence, as the only film I have created contains personal information that I am not willing to disclose.


    Do you intend to utilise the Imperial Press Corps role on the server? If so, what do you plan on doing as the role?:

    I'd use the role to create RP in situations where it may be needed, such as interviews or studios etc. I'd also take photos or videos of simulations and maybe some battles or anything else where a compilation or video could be produced. However, there will be more work out of this role, in editing and planning.


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