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  1. If only hawks treated ISF the same as Navy then maybe people would realise what he's really like.
  2. Steam Name Bobby Bobbys SteamID32 STEAM_0:0:58115957 Steam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/-Bobby-/ In Game Name Barcelona Time Played Have you had any warns? 3 warnings in total. 1st warn was an agreement to remove all my warnings (11/08/2018) 2nd warn was FailRP (9/11/2018) 3rd warn was DC to avoid arrest (8/3/2020) Have you had any bans? I have received no bans to my knowledge. Why do you want to join the Media Team? I want to enhance my exper
  3. Barcelona


    am barcelona folow me isc best regiment
  4. Sounds fun Name: Bobby_Bobbys
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