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  1. Reading a good book, playing table-top games (if you have any friends interested ) or playing MMORPGs.
  2. That one : \o (to greet people) Or : =P (this one is always handy in a discussion)
  3. Here in Canada, the maximum number of people attending the funerals is 25. I think that 50 or 100 would make more sense considering the stores are now open here (although not yet the restaurants).
  4. I've checked a few videos of Genshin Impact and visually it looks stunning. I haven't played it yet Can't wait to see if the 50vs50 are fun. I was disappointed though when they decided to abandon the hardcore open world PvP I'm a big fan of Crowfall and I share the word about the project, I'm not paid a penny
  5. The beta is free and the game is B2P ($50). Here is a quick intro made by a friend
  6. Made in USA. Crowfall is a pvp-oriented medieval MMORPG built by the guys behind Ultima Online, Shadowbane (which is its spiritual successor), Star Wars Galaxies and SWTOR. This time they're creating a MMO that has a lot in common with strategy games. Instead of a theme park PvE title, Crowfall proposes gigantic wars between guilds and factions, with capture of the forts, wall destruction and siege weapons. It's already the case in Beta (no NDA) and it's pretty cool to see.
  7. It takes a lot of courage to openly talk about mental health issues. I'm glad you've found some help and are doing better!
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